Wrong way car maintenance and see if you did it

Car maintenance Is a luxurious thing, not just on the 4S shop or Auto service center can be assured of things, because the move Will affect the daily use of the Car, the method shall not be treated may outweigh the benefits Oh. Here take a look at what Is the wrong way to see if you did it.

Car maintenance

hot summer weather, a vehicle after prolonged exposure, some Car owners to give a cool shower, think such vehicles can give rapid cooling, but you do not know Is thIs Car but detrimental oh. Often rushed to the Car, “cold shower” Will lead to paint chapped, peeling. The worst case, the engine strike, but also pay a lot of maintenance costs.

If you find that the clutch plate Is always very easy to wear, it Is because you often put your feet on the clutch. ThIs Is not only better control of the vehicle, but also has great great damage to the clutch plates, especially when a high-speed run, it makes clutch plates wear out more quickly. So do not habitually half-step on the clutch, oh.

Car maintenance

many owners Will wait for the fuel gauge lights before going to refuel, thIs habit Is very bad, indicating when the lamp lights oil has fallen below the pump, it Will shorten the life of the pump. So, if you can be the best when there Is a grid of oil fuel, now soaring oil prices, fuel costs causing you feel the pressure, then you can try to refuel offer state-Yuan Technology Automotive Services platform, I believe you Will be harvested.

Car maintenance

engine Is very prone to Carbon deposition problems, first of all the owners and friends can think back that he Is not often lazy, that shift when there Is no shift. For example, when the vehicle speed Is raIsed to a higher level to maintain the original gear position Is the same, thIs approach Will increase the high-speed low engine load, it Is likely to cause Carbon deposition.

There are some drivers prefer vigorously boom kicks throttle, commonly known as “three-legged oil on the train, get off the tripod oil.” H-throttle engine speed causes unsteadiness, load operation member suddenly suddenly small, the pIston strikes the formation of irregular motion in the cylinder, the link Will cause severe bending, breaking pIston, causing the enginescrapped.

Car repair

Therefore, as the owner, from Car maintenance to start daily behavior, the purpose Is to detect vehicle maintenance, repair, failure to solve the problem of the Car to ensure safe driving. State Yuan Science and Technology to build the Car service Is a platform to provide various types of Car services and life services for the owners of the resource integration platform, whether you need Auto parts or Automotive maintenance needs, or the need of life’s goods and services, are available in a key platform to buy, price concessions, professional services, and even enjoy refueling concession owners are in use, oh.