Why should car maintenance, these areas, they do not be fooled!

Lead: We now know that the Car Is on us how important, and now we think we are Careful not to use the Car every day, because what Car he Is now no one mIssing , and small series Is now used to the Car, feeling no matter where to go Is particularly convenient to stay away, and if the bus, then we have to look at thIs where, if not directly, then we to then change.

and then you can go to, and thIs Is not the feeling Is a little too much trouble, or there Is a Car that can go where you go, if not to if that Is not enough, now we have almost two days on Saturday and Sunday Will do nothing to break it at home alone inside, then it Is no special meaning, thIs time certainly would go out for fun, and then we can open then he took hIs Car home where people go to a play, because now buy a Car, then Will buy the kind of about the same size.

If you do not have five or six people it Is much of a problem, so that we can go out at that time, so now people say go back to buy a Car, because the Car he was a particularly good thing, and now say that thIs Car Is to buy a home to more than half by raIsing, and less than half of it Is on repair, we all know that the Car buy a home Is to be maintained, and if it does not Care, then it Is particularly fast thIs Car may be big problems small problems Will all come out, thIs time especially if you have more money to repair him, and some people may be common because maintenance Is to spend money they did not Care that he Is still open.

also what maintenance maintenance, so it also save money, then you have not thought about thIs now Is to save money, but after it, then if you repair some of hIs problems, then it Is to be a particularly large number of money, but also no way to immediately opened, because anyway, we’ll put thIs Car to protect, and that Is no problem Do not wait for bad there Is no way to open thIs Is not too good, you know it.

some people he does notHe went to maintain the Car to go to work because he could pick up the kids there are a lot of things waiting for him there Is no way he could go, do not know there Is no maintenance of the Car Is particularly dangerous, which for its own security was also particularly bad, ah, so that small series can be said that the family went to Car maintenance, and not forgotten or did not go to the time it can be said Is that we usually special Care when driving thIs Car, if then it hIs problems certainly be a little less.

But some people he Is, no matter what it Is he does not take the tube, and he did not feel like the relationship Is nor cherIsh nuts on how, so a small series Is not good to know a thing that a man Is hIs own home side’s Car he did not come here not open properly and that Is where met, then he did not make a good maintenance, he took it anyway after feeling Is no matter.

Waste of money it Will go, and if Waste of money, then it has also particularly expensive, so he he opened the year all right again a year later hIs Car out of the question, and then he Will have a dangerous but fortunately that does not have much to do, thIs time after he went to him every time maintenance, someone asked him.

Why go now, he said he knew not harm the maintenance of the Car. So money Is not just the province, province to province and that Is, how it should not be the province does not work. The Car can now be said to be very good, and what it was like there, what you want can be.

Conclusion: But you buy a home quickly, you can not forget you have it reared him, like those open for several years the Car knows who he Is, because he Is feeling any case have to go to see if there Is anything wrong, if there Is no so much the better, but if it had it would quickly repair Do not wait for him to repair no method to repair it Is not good, Xiao Bian think so anyway, the key Is to look at myself, not others spade steward.

above thIs article Is (my original works) hope readers like, give little attention Xiao Bian!