Why maintenance car tires so important? And our life-related!


oil really be able to “rest up” tires do

Car wash, tire brush Car wash oil Will accelerate tire aging , oil can “rest up” tires? Many older drivers understand that they’re sure as Car pressure over ruts go, the reason Is very simple, others through security before you leave, the chance to produce the accident Is greatly decreased. Do not look just washing the Car clean and shiny tire, if you are using low-quality tires oil, there Is something attached to the top Will be difficult washed off while driving, Michelin tire safety talks at the meeting in Chongqing, product engineers Will tire after the course of many errors have been corrected, Car wash, brush oil Will accelerate tire aging.

Also note that parking

in recent years, a lot of Car Care shop tire brush the oil Is presented as a service, calling them “maintenance tire”, brush oil on the tires Is to give the whole tire on a protective film to prevent sunlight and other harm them , pet urine Will corrode the tires, and now a lot of pet owners, some of the puppy or kitten Will occasionally go pee next to an area of ​​the tire, which makes many owners are troubled, worried tire rubber are corroded, in fact, thIs fear Is completely no need. Every time I think the Car to the Car wash, some people Will run to and fro to a nearby Car wash shop to ask the price, see which Car wash more cost-effective, 4s shop Will not tell you, Car wash in the street. Try to suck sewage truck parking in the shade, which not only allows the vehicle interior sewage suction reduce aging leather seats, tire rubber Will decrease the speed of aging; try not to use after washing oil tire tire maintenance, not to make corrosive chemicals in contact with the tire.

a number of ways summer tires nursed back to health

summer tires nursed back to health, it Is safe to do thIs? Correct leadership of the exact wrong way, recently, Michelin tires at peace talks in Chongqing, product engineers Will tire during use many errors have been corrected, extend tire life, tire safety and maintenance use, do not use an untrustworthy tire oilWhen you go to Hou Car wash Car wash, Car wash unions Will not give your tires oil brush it? Must be done than never, there are several services for the market development effort trucks, fuel supply for the drivers, tires, repair, maintenance, parking and other services, truck help in doing such a thing.

to replace the tires need to pay attention to things before the release front wheel drive, front tire Is more important than the rear tires, regardless of prodromal drive, rear tires grip to be better, there are older drivers believe that front-drive front tire rear tire than the tire important because drive Will take more friction. Previously, Ren Yue xm2 lIsted in the Michelin test drive on a device to do, Is to use a device mounted on the bearing after two Car tires, so that the rear tires lose grip, in thIs case, the Car Is very easy to turn when implementing wagging tail, encountered such a situation, the driver if the speed of more than 30 yards, you can not completely control the Car’s steering, the rIsk Will occur. When replacing the tires, if only to replace a pair of new tires must be mounted on the rear axle of the vehicle. Doing so may cause vehicle deviation or mechanical problems, the friction of the tire tread Will happen with the ground, resulting in tire wear, so the vehicle in motion the process should maintain dIstance, to avoid unnecessary braking, while Cardholders also need to pay attention tire tread depth, another new tire must tire groove depth close to the same axIs, should be replaced, and therefore, if the conditions, we recommend the pressure loss in the rear tire, to ensure proper steering of the front wheels .