Why do so many people insIst on going maintenance 4S shop to do it? Here to tell you Why

In other words vehicle maintenance Is actually regular inspection of Automotive parts, replacement or adjustment, it can be said that Car maintenance, its role Is not only to eliminate potential hazards, but also to prevent the failure of the vehicle happen and they keep their Car clean Car capacity table.

on the home of an ordinary driving, the year’s most mileage not more than twenty thousand kilometers, equivalent to down maintenance times a year, mostly in 2-3 followed by rooms, calculated according to the number of maintenance twice a year, in fact, spending in the 4S point Is not much higher than the usual maintenance, almost 300 yuan it. 4S maintenance to the vehicle can be roughly divided into the following three categories: prospective new Car or a new Car warranty period; brand or high-end / high Car; there Is a Car that Is popular.

briefly about the characterIstics of these three owners, for the warranty quasi-new Car or a new Car in it , if maintenance or repairs outside the shop causing damage to the vehicle, in thIs case either the shop or factory, are not responsible for warranty, these costs Will need the owners themselves to bear. For the popular Car, the , the accessories are generally in circulation Is very small, even if some of them to the 4S shop maintenance appointment Is required.

for luxury Cars Is , since afford the maintenance of thIs costs must not be too Care about nature, the other maintenance outside the shop, then assume the rIsk Will be relatively large, in case of a problem, then, it would be wasted. In addition to vehicle repair and maintenance, general repair shop of professional testing equipment Is inadequate, after all, the current Auto industry, said, “repair” it would be better to say “for parts”, check it out where there are problems, get accessories replace just fine. Ability 4S shops and repair shops dealing with vehicular breakdowns, although little difference, but a difference of testing equipment and testing methods are relatively more.

removing these reasons,Cause 4S stores warranty may be summarized as the following:

4S shop provided that original parts of the vehicle, quality assurance; 4S shop operator Is a single brand vehicles, a better understanding of the brand’s vehicles, manufacturers and maintenance technicians mostly through professional training. 4S shop more perfect after-sales service system to support the national network, retroactive relatively strong. Even after the 4S shop warranty Issues arIse, but also through the formal complaint channels to safeguard their rights, and market regulatory system Is relatively complete.

If the new Car warranty in the warranty period, more advice would be to go to the 4S shop, Is because the 4S shop Is the original parts, so use some of them more at ease. But it Is undeniable warranty costs compared to the 4S shop repair shop, it Is more expensive, but not too much higher, to spend money to buy peace of mind Is worth it .

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