Why do car maintenance role of routine maintenance

any Car and its technical innovation Will increase as surface condition mileage gradually deteriorate, with parts of the minIstries would have a different degree of wear and looseness. Vehicle protection was not complete replacement, engine, power steering and Automatic transmIssion internal systems coke, fouling and other problems. In thIs regard if not targeted protection and maintenance, Will affect the normal operation of the Car, it may also cause excessive wear of certain components, or even result in serious accidents. Therefore, we must regularly Carry out maintenance or mileage of the vehicle maintenance methods based on scientific and technical specifications, the various components of the Car has always been good performance, reaching the lifecycle.

1. What Is a professional Automotive beauty?

Automotive beauty Is a new concept, it Is generally computer washing, waxing with ordinary fundamentally different. Professional Automotive beauty unusual in that it itself systematic, standard and professional. The so-called systemic lupus Is focusing on its own characterIstics of the Car, because the table and in a comprehensive and detailed maintenance; the so-called normative that every process has a standard specification of technical requirements; that Is, in strict accordance with the so-called professional processes require the use of specialized tools, professional products and professional means to operate. Use professional Automotive beauty Care products with quality, targeted Care, beauty and renovation of various parts for Automotive materials. After the appearance of the Car after the professional beauty bright clean as new, paint light for long periods, effectively extending the life of vehicles.

2, the role of wax What?

waterproofing. Cars are often exposed to the air, inevitably affected by wind and rain, water drops remaining on the body surface when, at sunny weather, strong sunlight, each water droplet Is a convex lens in its focusing action, the focal point of the temperature 800 ~ 1000 ℃, causing paint dark spots, which greatly affect the quality of the paint and life. Further, the exposed metal surface to make water drops easily rust. Grade wax adhering water droplets can decrease more than 90%, so that, greatly reduces the possibility of erosion of the vehicle body, maximize the protection of paint.

anti-high temperature. Anti-high temperature wax principle Is to produce an effective reflection of incident light from different directions, the anti-Stop the incident light so that color topcoat or basecoat aging.

UV effect. In fact, Car wax from ultraviolet radiation and its resIstance to high temperature in parallel, but in daylight, due to ultraviolet light and ultraviolet light Is easier to determine the refracted into the paint, UV Car wax fully consider the characterIstics of UV to make it against the table on the Car to minimize.

polIshing action. Chela on just the most basic role, after waxing the vehicle, can improve the degree of bright surface of the body to restore bright color.

3, new Car wax precautions What?

During high pressure washing, a pressure not higher than 7Mpa; high-pressure washing may affect the wax simply wash away the effect of dust and sand and other impurities; wax spraying must open uniform, the gap at the corner must not be ignored; after spraying opening wax, water wax to be open and allowed to fully penetrate the wax layer begins to dIssolve (about 5-10 minutes), with a towel to wipe; final cleaning and dry, according to operating procedures washing embodiment, since the washing water via the opening after opening the wax wax, wax and impurities still remain in the portion of the Car table; the wax must be waxed finIsh protection.

4, paint scratches how to deal with?

first shallow scratches can be sanded, which remove impurities and rust, and then by reducing paint, wax, and finally subjected to a polIshing agent for polIshing process until the film formation bright far. , The deep scratches polIshing method can not be repaired, the concavity of the small area Is not more than 5mm, can be filled by leveling putty, paint do up process. If the scratches of the metal Is exposed, the first cleaning surface coating rust, weld slag, polIshed smooth, and then coated with rust effect oxidation neutralizer, base oil spray, and repeated painting, drying, grinding process. The deformation of the more serious Will have to go through sheet metal processing. Processing requirements scratches technician technology Is relatively high, Chi Synapse advanced technology, make your Car quickly restored in the shortest possible time.

5, wheel alignment for normal driving the Car that important?

Car wheel alignment Is important, the driver must not ignore a friend. Since the vehicle at the factory, its suspension system positioning angle are pre-configured according to design requirements, these positioning angles together to ensure the comfort and safety of vehicle driving. However, in the vehicle after running for some time, the positioning angle Will produce a variety of reasons due to the change, resulting in abnormal wear and tear, such as tires, vehicle deviation, increase security decreased fuel consumption, accelerated wear and tear parts, steering wheel heavy, waving and other vehicles symptoms. At thIs time, we should consider doing a wheel alignment, it can not only avoid the Car deviation caused by a Car accident, while prolonging the service life of Car tires, fuel savings are of great benefit.

6, Why should clean the inside of the engine?

lubrication system Is an important part of the Car. When the vehicle Is running, the oil Will work under high temperature and high pressure, the system Is inevitable presence of dust, metal impurities such as abrasive grains. In thIs way, oil Will gradually lose its ability to protect, color black. Change the oil regularly Is beneficial, but the problem still exIsts, because most of the waste oil sludge and varnIsh remain in the system. After the addition of new oil, the rapid integration with the varnIsh and sludge, again and again, because of the lubrication system Will of varnIsh and sludge clogging (especially oil pump filter). Incoherent oil flow, resulting in engine failure. To solve thIs problem, prolong engine life, and improved performance of the body, the engine lubrication system should be regularly cleaned, washed sludge, varnIsh, and other container within the system, thereby reducing contamination of the new oil. Chi Pu-resIstant fuel may be used a cleaning agent, the cleaning agent strong Carburetor, fuel system cleaning agent products.

7, how correctly sealed plastic chassIs?

using a dedicated decontamination, degreasing agents to asphalt, oil, etc. on the chassIs thoroughly cleaned, and dried. If the entire sealed plastic chassIs, but also to other drive shaft section and a portion of the exhaust pipe cooling needs, then taped up brush, after sealing the plastic so as not to affect the normal operation of these components. Secondary packaging plastic can improve soundproofing and collIsion effects, but the spray Is to be noted between the two intervals of 20 minutes until a first layer sealed plastic layer dried thoroughly before making the construction. Car “seal plastic” since the chassIs relatively clean, the time required for about 30 minutes, while the Cars due to the large amount of work to clean the chassIs, for anTime to be more also, takes about three hours. California Chi Pu-resIstant Automotive beauty conservation chain using a unique chassIs armor products and operate with high quality gun, stable quality, anti-adhesion, to maintain a longer period of time. And promIsed: “vehicle after the sealed plastic chassIs scratches occur within two years, exposing the primer phenomenon, free repair.”

8, each time you change the oil if want to change the oil filter? Purification filter in the oil can play a useful role?

have to change the oil change oil filter. Change the oil must be replaced every full-flow oil filter – the filter paper element. After prolonged use paper filter which was filtered effectiveness decreases, i.e., the oil pressure Will be greatly reduced by the filter. While the oil pressure Is reduced to a certain extent, the filter bypass valve Will open, oil Will be insufficient to prevent entry into the bypass passage by the hydraulic pressure, but thIs time into the unfiltered oil passage, Will result in passage of contaminants into the in increased engine wear. Thus, the filter play a vital role in the purification of oil, oil impurities and dirt particles, Will be filtered through a filter. Thus, the oil into the oil passage Is very clean, can effectively prevent the wear of the abrasive particles on the member caused by the engine. If only the replacement of the new oil without oil filter change, within about a quarter of the old filter pollutants Will re-enter the oil in circulation, not only increases the chance of wear and tear, but also reduce the performance of the new engine oil.

9. Why nozzle should be cleaned on a regular basIs? How long should be cleaned once?

Modern Automobile engines typically use an electrical nozzle. The proportion of air and gasoline atomized by the nozzle into the combustion chamber acting. Long time without cleaning nozzle, Carbon Will be formed at the door, in the grease, resulting in the engine intake air amount Is insufficient, resulting in insufficient engine power. Chi Pu-resIstant electric cleaner nozzle the fuel injector system in particular has a significant protective effect and cleaning. The Car Is moving 10,000 to 15,000 km to do a fuel injector cleaning best.