Why do car maintenance fuel consumption Is even greater? Read you know

in the Car must be maintained for some time after passing, under normal circumstances, in the finIshed Car maintenance, certain properties of the vehicle Will be improved, in particular for a spark plug, the combustion efficiency of the engine get better, and therefore become less fuel consumption, which Is normal.

And if maintenance fuel consumption has not decreased but increased, and some even from the original eight fuel oil, oil rose to 15, almost doubled thIs situation Is very likely that during maintenance, maintenance measures do not lead to.

In general, what maintenance measures do not lead to increased fuel consumption it?

for the engine oil Is extremely important because it has a lubricating and cooling two functions. When maintenance, plus less if oil Is not conducive to the Car lubrication, engine wear serious. But if the oil Cadogan, and what impact it?

oil adds a liquid level Is too high, a large part of the crankshaft Is immersed in engine oil, the crankshaft rotation Will be like a ship’s propeller as when, in the oil stirring constantly, increase the resIstance, extra consume some energy, it Will eventually lead to increased fuel consumption, power down.

oil adds a phenomenon Will occur a situation in which there Will be burning oil, the most intuitive Is the emergence of exhaust take the blue smoke.

Another cause of the increase in fuel consumption, and replacement of the engine oil vIscosity mIsmatch.

vIscosity Is too low it, although liquidity Is good, but due to the low vIscosity, hot Car too thin oil, likely to cause oil leakage or burning oil.

Is too high then the vIscosity of the oil, stirring required force of the crankshaft Will be greater, the efficiency of the engine Is reduced, fuel consumption Will be correspondingly increased. In thIs case a long time, Will cause internal engine parts to wear increased.

Replace the spark plug operating properly,Also contributed to the increase in fuel consumption. Different models are not the same type spark plug, if used in the replacement of the original spark plug Is not the same model, Will lead to gaps wrong.

For example: the original spark plug gap Is 0.8mm, the gap Is 1.1mm after the replacement, a larger gap can influence the success of ignition, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

And if the spark plug Is not tightened, resulting in leakage, motor weakness, increased fuel consumption. The worst case, cause the Car not start.

Therefore, when our Car after maintenance, fuel consumption has increased, we should be a good check these areas, do not ignore it, not just an increase in fuel consumption, it Will very likely affect the performance and safety of the Car.