Why do car maintenance, fuel consumption but more and more high? Most of the questions on these points in the

after buying the Car, their Car on a regular basIs to be maintained, can be described as an inevitable program, after all, the Car Is also regarded as a consumable, regular individual Automotive parts, engine oil, spark plug and other parts, to make necessary adjustments and replacement, not only to extend the life of the vehicle, reducing the fuel consumption of the Car, but also allows the Car, kept in an optimum state can all the time.

However, some Careful owners Will find that Car maintenance and replacement of some parts in the future, their fuel consumption, not only not been significantly improved, even more costly oil, then in the end thIs Is how it goes? Car News today for everyone to talk brother, Why the Car after maintenance, fuel consumption but changed much? Actually, the problem Is mostly out on these points, and they wanted to stay in mind!

1, the amount of oil Is added too much, mostly because of thIs situation, the maintenance staff Car, before adding the oil, and Is not completely the old oil pumping clean, or to put the lead. Many people may feel a little more oil should not matter. Oil adds a fact, not only easy to make the crankshaft, Is too much oil to drown, while also increasing the resIstance of the crankshaft play a role, and ultimately makes the Car’s engine, long-term in a state of high load, to improve vehicle fuel consumption the amount of the same time, there Will be cases occurred exhaust take the blue smoke.

2, the use of high oil vIscosity, oil mainly lubricates main oil of a certain vIscosity, allows the various components of the Car, get better lubricating effect. But some Careless Car owners when changing the oil, often only remember what they have with what kind of motor oil brand, and forget the vIscosity of the oil. Once the spend Is even higher than usual vIscosity oil, so the Car’s engine during use, the running resIstance increases, resulting in fuel consumption and thus improve!

3, the spark plug Is not installed, thIs may be a lot of people have not noticed, after all, most of the spark plug in more than 30,000 kilometers later, before thinking replace. Therefore, many people Will ignore the spark plug to the fact that Cars made spark plugsHeart motivation, because it Is in a long-term high pressure and high temperature environment work, but also very easy to overlook the Car wearing parts, while the spark plug once the wrong type, calorific value Is wrong, wrong size, too much coke and other Issues, Will easily let the Car power leakage occurs, unstable idle speed, easy to stall, increased fuel consumption and other symptoms, Car Communications brother suggested that the spark plug as far as about 20,000 kilometers, Is considered the most suitable replacement.

brother Car News summary: the so-called easy to buy a Car, keep a Car difficult, as a Car consumables, bought from the start, need to put their own efforts to treat, we hope everyone in the Car to do maintenance, be sure to pay attention to a lot of these small details.