Why cars need regular maintenance?

Cars for regular maintenance, these smaller Cars also pay attention to maintenance problems. It can lead to better driving experience for you.

mileage, service intervals, engine work time, which Is almost popular on the market to help keep the ghost’s comparative standards.

Now some Car owners typically use fewer Cars, some owners open only 10,000 kilometers per year. It recommends that owners of six months maintenance at least once. On the one hand, the oil Will be used for a long time, then deteriorated. In addition, there are a lot of slow driving in urban areas, mileage seem much, but in fact, the work burden on the engine are not small. In fact, Car maintenance time detection, allow the vehicle to maintain a good condition, can reduce post-maintenance costs.

1, the advantage of the engine oil

Function Is nothing more than the lubricating oil and antifriction, there Is friction between the parts Will wear over time and wear. The oil may help reduce the friction between the parts. Another Is the cooling effect. It also has the function of washing and cleaning. Yes, and it has a seal leak-proof effect. He rust and corrosion, Is the buffer buffer. When the sharp rIse in pressure in the engine cylinder head, pIstons debrIs, the load on the connecting rod and crankshaft bearings Is very large. Load transfer through bearing and lubrication, load bearing cushion.

If you do not change the oil, what you Will be hurt?

average Car once every 5,000 km oil change, if not a long time to replace the oil, the oil Is not only bad, but also have a lot of impurities. If the engine when the engine Is running in “agitation”, the mechanical wear Will be greater, and even cause internal damage to the engine. When you replace the engine, thIs Is not a little money. Preferably directly replace your Car.

2, oil filter replacement benefits

lubricate oil filter element, extend the life of the oil pan and sump cleaning effect.

are not changed frequently machineHarm the oil filter. If not promptly replaced, the impurities Will accelerate the wear parts. So remember when replacing the engine oil changes.

Why do some Cars do not replace the filter when changing the oil? Because impurities can filter out a portion of the oil filter, but most Will be with the sump into the oil pan, the oil filter can continue to use, rest assured, there Will be no problem! ! ! ! !

3, the advantages of the air filter


of the air cleaner, the air ~~ filter impurities must be filtered if these impurities in the air directly into the engine cylinder combustion engine Will wear quickly, thus Will “short life.” The filter element on the market Is divided into wet and dry filter element filter element into two categories. Typically using a dry filter element. If you live in a heavily polluted area, I suggest you change it within three months, the longest one should not exceed six months, or 1W kilometers.

does not change the air cleaner.

Is mixed with large amount of impurities on the filter. Intake resIstance Will certainly be greatly improved, Is not it? ThIs makes engine running even worse, fuel consumption Will be even greater, Will produce Carbon! So be sure to remember to replace the air filter.

4, the transformation efficiency air filter of

the role of air-conditioning filter of

conditioning, it must be from the outside air, so make sure there Is no odor of fresh air and the Car – Generally, air conditioner filters can filter impurities, pollen, odors, moIsture, etc. , protect the vehicle against bacterial invasion, it Is important to protect the Car not allergic ~~~~

does not change the air filter of harm

if for a long time does not change, just as the air filter, as the intake air quantity Will certainly be reduced. It Is important to the growth of bacteria, making the Car smell good, and shout out a lot of bacteria. It must be very bad! Generally, six months just fine!

These small maintenance to pay attention, I hope to give you a better driving experience!