White car maintenance should note that thIs Is the best little touch four things, too many security rIsks

For now many riders, the most headaches Is not how to buy a Car, but how to maintain their own Car. After all, for most riders, whether good or bad economic conditions, the conditions have a choice of their own private Cars, after all, made Cars has developed very good, the price Is cheaper, popularity Is relatively high. But now the question Is, Now that you have a private Car, we must maintain good. According to Xiao Bian grasp the situation of view, there Is excessive maintenance or lack of maintenance problems for the white Car maintenance, the following four things should pay particular attention to, if not understand, the best little touch, or Will there are too many security rIsks.

The first one Is to say the engine. Although for a Car, the most important part of the engine, but from the perspective of using the Car, the engine does not need to do maintenance too frequently. And as long as the normal driving the Car, the engine Will not be much problem, although there Will be some dirt, but do not worry too much, a new Car in three to five years Is not clean, unless there Is oil leakage Car.

The second Car Is to say a spark plug. Xiao Bian must not say, you all know the old drivers, Car spark plugs relation to the Car can normally start, and the spark plug Is good or bad, can affect the combustion efficiency of gasoline, power output Is particularly large impact on the Car. And some of the Car owners Is excessive maintenance spark plug, in fact, there Is no need, are Waste of money. Under normal circumstances, the general quality of Automobile spark plugs, to ensure the normal running of the Car 5 to 60,000 km, for the average person, the Car to open three to five years.

The third Is to say fuel additive. I believe that many riders have had thIs experience, when we go to the Car’s petrol stations Will be recommended a number of fuel additives gas station staff, and a lot of thIs situation. Although not able to confirm small series of fuel additives that are not useful, but according to Xiao Bian personal experience, even if fuel additives are useful, the effect Is not obvious, and no fuel consumption reduction, Carbon Car, too, and not particularly evident Variety.

to say that Car tire Point 4 [. You may find a new replacement tires Is particularly simple, but in fact not the case, so-called outsiders watch, experts see Road, now many manufacturers to provide spare tire, not a full-size tire, although can be used normally, but there are some differences and in which the replacement process, because if the installation Is not in place, causing the tire loose, I’m afraid the consequences difficult to predict. So as a last resort, do not arbitrarily replace the tires themselves, able to do so, as far as possible the expertIse to operate.

white Car maintenance should note that thIs Is the best little touch four things, too many security rIsks