Which places a car can do it yourself at home maintenance? You knew it?

Car routine maintenance Is important, but to a maintenance cost Is particularly high. As for the maintenance of the Car, in fact, some things we can do yourself at home, economical and convenient. So today we have to take stock of what maintenance Is what we can do their own home, but must go to 4s shops to do.

First: adding glass cleaning solution.

add glass cleaning liquid Is zero difficulty, the general driver Will add your own cleaning solution, but Why should we emphasize thIs? Because some drivers add glass cleaning solution time, or Will be added in the wrong place. Glass cleaning liquid addition port, Is near the front portion of the nacelle, or side, there Is an icon or washers wiper cover. Must pay attention to add glass cleaning liquid, do not add a cooler.

Second: replace the air filter.

we must be on time, according to the mileage check the air filter, and timely replacement of the air filter, but also to pay attention when replacing, do not use low quality air filter, low quality have a greater harm. When we replace the air filter must remember clearly the mounting direction of the air filter. Then remove the new filter after the old filter in its original position and orientation, be sure to check that place, whether air leakage.

Third: Replace the wiper.

using the wiper Is quite frequent, for the wiper, the 1-2 years there Will be damage, but the damage to the wiper for us the window damage to the glass Is also very large. It must be timely, if there Is damage to the Car’s wiper, and timely replacement. When removing the old wiper, be sure to pay attention to the direction of removal of the wiper button and pay attention at the time of installation, the metal clip Is not dIstorted.

Fourth: cleaning the air conditioning system.

Now whether it Is summer or winter, we Will be in the air conditioning while driving, while the clean air conditioning systems, but also affect our health. Automotive Air Conditioning travel can get hundreds of dollars, and buy their own air conditioning filter which also Will have a simple tutorial. For clean air-conditioning system Is not in accordance with the mileage to go, it does not refer to time. When you feel bad interior air quality, it Is necessary to check the air conditioning system Is not cleaned up.

Fifth: the Car battery replacement key.

When we are changing the Car battery key, be sure to know your Car keys using and what type of battery. We can first look ripped out the battery, or search on the Internet about thIs Car we use, use what type of battery, battery, knowing when to use our Car, we can open the Car remote control, but to note Is that we are open later if the Car must pay attention not to lose the security chip, if lost, the Car Will not start.

Sixth: replacement of the oil filter.

when replacing the oil filter, we should pay attention to their Car’s oil filter Is mounted vertically or transversely mounted. Installation Is not the same, the situation Is filled with oil are not the same. Replace the filter in the future based Friends, also pay attention to look at the bottom of the vehicle, there Is no case of oil spills. After the replacement of old oil, but also safe to dIspose of in order to avoid environmental pollution.