Where Is the car maintenance in the end choose? That also know that these are not fly pit

a degree of your mother into the circle, to see all the drivers sounding questions and answers posted:

want to maintain the Car but do not know where to choose?

my Car to the maintenance of the time, but the 4S shop nearby so expensive, I do not know how to garages?

everywhere maintenance pit, what Car people know? To the maintenance of the time, how do we choose the right place?

There Is a demand recommended, hope high-quality professional staff also recommended not to pit maintenance.

When it comes to maintenance proverb says: third appearance, seven dress! ThIs sentence Is also to adapt to vehicle maintenance, attentive Care of the Car can be more comfortable in use, and more secure. Whether you choose to go 4S shop or Auto repair shop, we must first ensure that the materials used are genuine, but also to recognize the brand as well as security signs, or after use Is likely to have a greater failure, leading to spend more money to repair, did more harm than good.

I Will not speak 4S shops and repair shops which Is good, if your Car still during the warranty, the owner Xiaowan recommend to the 4S shop maintenance. Because in the meantime if the Car has quality problems, manufacturers can help you free repair. If you go to other places maintenance Is a problem, 4S shop on the matter. But out of the warranty period, you can consider yourself a good fit going maintenance of the.

compared for comprehensive, 4S shop can integrate sales, parts, service, information feedback four in one Car service, go here to maintain the overall process more professional, 4S shop of Auto parts have to worry about quality, it can also record your Car details.

However, a major dIsadvantage 4S shop Is expensive, due to the current Auto market, new Car profits are very low maintenance 4S become a major source of profits. Therefore, whether maintenance or replacement parts, 4S stores generally charge relatively high. But most owners fear or 4S shop sale “shady”, such as minor ailments overhaul, wild speculations, substitution, deputy plant parts, and even vandalIsm and other acts.

Now, many people have chosen to brand repair shop for maintenance, here relative to the maximum of 4S shop advantage of reasonable charges, the absence of a 4S store brand to Carve up question of profit, the price of natural repair shop cheaper than the 4S shop.

but the quality of the repair shop of spare parts Is not necessarily guaranteed, a lot of garages most troublesome problem Is no way to get original parts, but they do not mind too much about the “original plant parts, “just go to some regular repair shop, deputy plant parts used as long as the quality standards, Is not the problem.

remind owners that, in the maintenance Car, recommended that owners can go to the shop to look at how to repair the master Is maintenance and you can learn some simple maintenance tips.

everybody owner told Xiaowan, where you often go to maintenance and repair of their Car?