Where do car maintenance? After reading my heart there are a few!

after buying the Car, in addition to safe driving, how to do maintenance people also tangled problem. Next, small series are still worrying about how to Care for the students a little bit of advice.

whether it Is new or used Car, maintenance place on the two cases, the 4S shop maintenance or repair shop to find out their own maintenance. Then one by one on the analysIs of both advantages and dIsadvantages.

4S shop maintenance

Advantages: 1. the vast majority of the maintenance 4S shop to replace oil and other accessories are genuine, of course, except for some special cases.

2. Have full and comprehensive maintenance records, the records of service definition, have a positive impact on the future selling Cars.

3.4S shop Will contact on a regular basIs, to avoid myself to forget maintenance.

4. 4S shop Will enjoy the service, seating area, entertainment area and the like. The pursuit of quality people prefer.

dIsadvantages: 1 higher costs, at least half of the same oil more expensive than outside.

2. Will shorten the maintenance cycle, obviously every 7500 km maintenance, 4S shop Will tell you need to maintain the 5000.

own maintenance

Advantages: 1 most important It Is to spend less money, at least the same Care less than half the cost of 4S shops.

2. The quality they can control, whether it Is oil or other accessories you can buy yourself more at ease.

DIsadvantages: a repair shop does not guarantee reliable maintenance procedure.

2. Waste of time to buy their own Auto parts with energy.

3There Is no comprehensive maintenance records Will affect the sale of a used Car, there Is little impairment.

Summary: Select 4S shop maintenance regularly, relatively more peace of mind, of course, spend more money. Select out on my own maintenance, the initiative in their own hands, as long as there Is reliable plant maintenance, quality Is guaranteed.