When these four car maintenance can not be both things, the maintenance of master: otherwIse the car or early retirement

If you really Care about your Car, then you certainly Will often give your Car to do nursing, if you think for the Automotive regular oil change Is to give the Car had a conservation, then you are wrong, in fact, in addition to the need to replace the Car’s engine oil, its basic components also need a new one, if you do not Carry out new ones, it means that there Is no maintenance done to the Car , good old saying: buy a Car than a simple Car maintenance, Car after paying the money at once, but the Car maintenance Is to keep changing the Car replacement parts, inject new oil. When changing the oil in the Car maintenance, these four can not be both things, bad to the timely replacement, repair master said: otherwIse the Car or early retirement.

1. Automobile spark plug. I think everyone understands performance spark plugs, ignition in the Car, the introduction of the current mixed gas can ignite. When the spark plug essential devices, but now things are all important need for regular replacement spark plug it Is the same. In general, their life Is not long, it certainly spark plugs need regular inspection and replacement.

Brake oil

2. The Car used. Most Cars Will use brake fluid. Automobile brake oil has a characterIstic volume changes in response to temperature changes, when the vehicle Is running for a long time, the temperature inside the vehicle Will rIse, which Will produce brake pipe certain resIstance, which affects the function of the brake. So, we have time to get a new brake fluid and nursing Automobile brake pads.

3. Car brake cylinder Is its chassIs member, most drivers may not notice it, it Is a metallic material, so prone to rust, and thIs Will make it after braking function declined significantly, if the brakes do not work because the brakes rusted, the result Is a very serious, therefore, for our lives and safety, need many drivers attach importance to thIs Issue, be sure to regular repair and maintenance of the basic components of the Car – brake pump.

4. The vehicle cage cover. The word a lot of people at first sightNot read, in fact, we must first understand what it sets Cage. It Is an integral part of the Car, its special role Is to reduce dust, to prevent the outflow of oil, and the cage sleeve, when used, must be used with a special high-temperature grease, it can not be replaced, otherwIse, there Will be serious consequences, more oil worse accidents occur.

In short, the Car maintenance thIs regard, suggest that you must understand clearly, admittedly in the configuration of the Car not be negligent, because it’s about our life safety, conservation in Auto parts, we should pay attention to, well aware of each accessory conservation and its replacement time, when replacing a component, allowing people to check the entire vehicle repair parts, to see if What parts in question. Finally, remember who you Car to Car to do maintenance, do not just change the oil, but also need to check the consumable parts and, if necessary, should be replaced.