When the car to the 4S shop maintenance, owners need to be looking right? Owner: you can try!

to Car to the 4S shop maintenance, owners need to be looking right? Owner: you can try!

do not know around you there Is no such a person, that Is, to the 4S shop maintenance when the Car directly to throw in there, so he did walk away treasurer himself, but to wait until mention Car but found exceptionally high cost, but also did not fix hIs Car. That question came up, when to go to 4S shop maintenance, we in the end there Is no need to be there watching it? One old driver said: Do not look, but you should pay attention to these three points, otherwIse the flicker Is you.

1 point. Before maintenance you should check the items on the maintenance manual, which Is to look at what Is necessary to do, which Is not necessary to do. In thIs way we can avoid the maintenance man lazy omitted to be done, because there are a lot of maintenance workers to earn money to give us some useless maintenance, such maintenance Is not only a waste of money for us, but also hurt the Car. If you do not pay attention because they allow you to do such a project, that for our Car also an injury.

2 points. If and when the maintenance man tells you when your Car needs replacement parts or upgrade parts, to ask them in the end, where Is the fault, then let him shoot them down to you. When the Car to the 4S shop maintenance, owners need to be looking right? Owner: you can try! As a result it Is a safeguard for himself, when they give you replacement parts, you should also ask them to send you a look at the new part. Because there are a lot of 4S shop or repair shops, they are in order to save costs, some old parts always give you service after placement.

3 point. ThIs Is after the completion of maintenance, you look at the used bottles and Is not in full compliance on the lIst, if not, there may be a trick in which they do. Also next to the Car when looking at maintenance? Old Driver: can not, but 3:00 Do not ignore! If found, it would be to find their theory, their own money Is not lost in vain to say, if there Is damage to your own Car you do not find, then drive it home they Will not admit it.

Like some respect to the vehicleChild Care Compare friends, they either repair or maintenance Will be looking at the side, for fear that the maintenance man to hIs Car to do some damage. But like those rich people, let the driver drove directly to the repair shop to do a walk away treasurer, maybe they do not Care for such people it. Here small also want to be one, although you pay attention to these points, but if your time off or where it looked better.

If you think the 4S shop maintenance Is too expensive, that we can choose to fly the repair shop, provided that you respect the maintenance man well aware of the technology, otherwIse, only to find a problem with your Car to go home, go back and find them until the time could not find the silhouette. I do not know, after lIstening to thIs thing Is how you think of it? When you are doing maintenance and repair of walk away dIspensers still in there watching?