When the car to do maintenance, you can not do these three projects, older drivers: not necessary

the Car to buy a home does not mean that everything Is all right, because we need it for maintenance. Maintenance for the Car Is really very important, if some parts on the Car Is worn not detected, then, it Is a greater failure may occur in the course of driving. But Xiao Bian also remind the owners, not every one have to do maintenance, said the next three maintenance, even if the Car shop staff let you do, you do not do, Is not only useless but also a waste of money .

First, the first one Is to clean up Carbon deposits, we all know that after the increase in Carbon, the Car Will accelerate weakness, increased fuel consumption and other factors, so the owners every time when maintenance Will choose to clean out Carbon deposits, each clean-up cost Is not cheap, few hundreds, many thousands of pieces. In fact, hIs own at home can also clean up Carbon deposits, there Is no need to find a bike shop staff help.

The second frequently washing or waxing, indeed, more and more people are now very concerned about the appearance of the Car, there have been frequent Car wash case, in fact, often washing Will paint a negative impact, like the white Car wash, there Will often appear yellowIsh phenomenon. If the Car has a little dirty, holding a rag to wipe a little bit on it, of course, also be washing their own situation.

The first three of the tire of the Car to check the tires Is very important, if a puncture occurs, the consequences could be dIsastrous. But for tire maintenance Is nothing more than look at the adequacy of tire pressure, tire Is aging, there are no pebbles Cards, etc., in fact, it can do it by yourself, there Is no need to spend money to do the other side.

Comments: The place has a lot of Car maintenance, there are some really no need to go inside the vehicle maintenance shop, of course, if you are a not bad money, it Will certainly not Care so little money, but for ordinary people, they can start work or to myself, What do you think of it? When the Car to do maintenance, you can not do these three projects, older drivers: no need.