When the car maintenance, you are not going all the lounge? After reading these novices to regret it!

Usually, the owner also maintain their vehicles to make them better, not always a problem. In fact, Car maintenance and usually maintain the same girl. In life, you can still find a big difference between regular maintenance girl and never pay attention to maintenance girl. The greater the age, the greater the difference. Maintenance of the Car, too, if you do not give a long Car maintenance, so its performance Is certain to be affected. Waiting time to rest so many drivers Will be timed to the Car to do maintenance, and 4s shop Will be very “humane” in the Car owners who sent maintenance in time to arrange them leIsurely sitting in the lounge drinking coffee , eating the fruit of comfort. When the Car maintenance, you are not going all the lounge? However, older drivers are generally not going to rest, but at the whole process of vehicle maintenance in the next Car, which Is a lot of newcomers wonder, Why not have a good rest, you have to look at the Car doing? After know the reason, all regret it!

First of all, Is the question of the deduction of the oil, many of the staff of professional conduct does not work, do not put the old oil, put a clean in time for customers to replace oil to add new oil, so there Will be some new oil remaining, thIs time they can put down the rest of the oil sold deductions, thIs Is the most typical and most common! Secondly, the store might be fitting 狸猫换太子 Car. For profit, they are likely to use some low-end Car parts to replace valuable, high-quality original accessories. Or just exert efforts in the oil filter, oil change or not Is not filled with oil Is to let them come up with their own methods of enrichment. Now many 4s shop repair shop and shop and lounge areas have been transparent, and that it can also see the situation of the workshop in the lounge, but although though it appears, but if I steal for parts of words , it Is still very easy.

There Is the bully you do not know abnormal sound, the bully you read fault codes, bully you attach too much importance to the security of the psychological. In short, whether the size of the problems are very serious to tell you Is very dangerous, want to change that want to change thIs, plus a cost of less than 2000 hours fee you are open not go. For instance, your Car suddenly shake more than intermittent, unstable idle, looking very serious problem, actually, there might be a spark plug problem. Then people saw you likeNot really understand, would recommend a variety of maintenance, the cost should not spend in the Care of, but that Is because you lIstened to their views, so I spent a lot of money should not be spent!

Xiaobian Summary: In fact, both in the 4S shop or roadside repair shop are the same, but the same work changed the workplace only. So, in the maintenance of the Car, you do not trust, although looking at the next to follow, so much in fact, but also learn about Car maintenance knowledge, but also perhaps a good thing. And now a lot of 4S stores have surveillance, basic workshop can see the whole point, so the owner can wait in the lounge, ready to see their Car maintenance situation.