When the car maintenance, just simply change the oil? ThIs thing you cleaned it?

Car as many favorite items, a lot of people want the Car remains the best condition, but maintenance of the Car you really want to spend a lot of money, especially the Car’s engine maintenance. However, as one of the most important Auto body parts engine, but also people have to pay attention to its status, and the more common problem Is the engine deposits.

more common way many people maintain the Car’s engine Is an oil change, thIs question so many owners feel upset, no matter the Issue Car use Will be affected , pipe and the problem Is to spend money to change the oil. So when the Car maintenance, just simply change the oil? Try clear about it, you cleaned it?

It Is the oil filter. Many people do not Care about the hole, that it Is but a vassal of oil, in fact, the oil hole Is a good helper. There are holes in thIs, the oil can be kept clean, because holes Will filter out a lot of oil in the magazine. And the oil quality after thIs small porous cleaning not only increased, but also better able to provide energy for the engine. Thus the role of the oil filter Is very large, so long as the owner once a month clean the oil filter, can play a good role in maintaining the quality of the oil, also allows the full power of the vehicle but also fuel efficient!

But how many people do not usually pay attention to the oil filter, oil change only know blindly, while ignoring the oil filter. It Is true that an oil change Is also an important means of Car maintenance, but clean up the oil filter Is quite good as a means to maintain the Car, I hope after reading thIs article, owners and friends after regular monthly clean up once more enough oil filter, better maintenance of the Car!