When the car maintenance if you do not know these things, the car less open 3 years!

As we all know, now more and more people buy a Car, buy a Car until maybe what you can, but until the Car drove got home, usually how to keep a Car, Car Care, Do you really know it? If you go to the maintenance of the Car, you did not do these things, the Car less open three years!

Now Car ownership increase, also appeared in two types of people. The first Is the Car as hIs wife or girlfriend to treat open up special Care, sometimes when it rains can not wait to use dIsposable bags to hold himself up on the Car, the Car for fear of dirty. The second type of person Is simply the Car as a means of transport, dirty wash go, go bad repair, usually only a change spark plugs and three filter. Nothing else. These two types of people treat Cars method Is actually not right, the Car does require the usual maintenance, but also afraid of excessive Care of the Car, like those thirty-two days would wash the Car, in fact, the Car Is not well, sometimes even damage to the Car paint, causing premature corrosion paint. Let us count under normal Cars need maintenance attention to what things?

The first point: water

[check heatsink, see the water tank Is within an acceptable range, if it Is the case in the absence of, not cold water Is added while still hot in the tank to wait until then to add water in the water tank after natural cooling Is completed, of course, a lot of Cars are also basically do not need thIs step, but every time their maintenance, always check nothing wrong thing, after all these Although something minor, but the decIsion but you can continue on the road yo.


Check the braking system Is normal, since the normal driving when on the road, we inevitably Will come on then kicks brakes, although not to wear, but Jiabu Zhu ah long time, so every time maintenanceMust be checked down Car system, although the quality of the Car brakes are mostly used are pretty good, but what no one can absolutely guarantee do. So, these things still have to we usually pay more attention, diligence examination, the brake but our own security Is directly linked, after all, the Car breaks, can repair, but if because of problems braking system and let the Car driver what appears it Is a major event , even though these things happen much. But no one can say that one hundred percent do not occur.

The third point:

power steering system and steering oil Is mIssing. Maintenance must pay attention to check the wear of power steering oil to see if the mIssing too much, went mIssing, then we would add timely, or else there are times when you pull them, but the steering wheel, and you usually drive in the have their own time to observe the Car Will not own deviation, if a little bit better, then, if the situation Is serious deviation, then it Is necessary to timely inform the maintenance personnel, to do four or timely balance.

The fourth point: regular cleaning of crankcase, the crankcase Is divided into upper and lower crankcase crankcase, the crankcase Is under every time we change places lubricant that comes into contact, but after every oil change, please do not forget to clean under the crankcase, because All have lubricating oil where there Will be wear and tear, and these Will be worn with the flow of lubricating oil to stay in the most under the crankcase. That Is, we often say that the oil pan. All we have to remember that every time changing oil must inform the maintenance personnel to clean up the oil pan. Even if it Is not much metal shavings, but also to clean up, clean up the oil pan Is because of their obligations.


Is what we often do, that Is, three filter that Is, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter. These are nothing to say, everyone who has a Car should know these three things, and even that did not know the small series vehicles,Every small insurance to do nothing more than an oil change, for the three filters, and then Is to check the brakes, check the power of oil, of course, the maintenance staff Will gift you a free extra balance tire pressure. ThIs thing some maintenance personnel Will seek your consent, but most still do not notice. Of course they Will not do it.

you usually go to Car maintenance Is going to be to do what? There Is no all do it? Or say you have not done what I did not say it, together to dIscuss it in the comments area. Xiao Bian I also keep a Car point increase in knowledge.

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