When the car maintenance, if not pay attention to these two Issues, increased fuel consumption careful!

driven a Car before the old drivers know, whether it Is new or used Car, are to Carry out maintenance on a regular basIs, the general routine maintenance Is to replace oil. My cousin bought a Car three years ago, it has been usual in the 4S shop for maintenance. A few days ago thIs Is not what should Care, because the vehicle has the warranty period, so he chose to go outside the repair shop for maintenance. No way 4S point once too expensive maintenance, maintenance of mineral oil money exchange shop in the 4S, outside change fully synthetic motor oil are used up.

cousin’s Car after maintenance just opened a few days, he seemed to feel the sound of the engine Is increased a little, although the noIse Is not small before, but obviously not been so great. In addition to the noIse becomes larger than, say my cousin now seems a little high fuel consumption, before the 100 can run seven days, and now can only run six days, it’s all the same dIstance, the same road, which Is such a thing it?

I somehow also drove years old drivers, after lIstening to the description cousin, I probably understand Why, in fact, changed hIs oil appeared after which 2 case, nothing more than these two reasons: 1, before the 4S shop maintenance, each with the same type of oil Is a sudden change to the repair shop outside maintenance, repair shop might for a higher vIscosity oil to him, Let’s say it before you use the 5W30, 5W40 suddenly give you change, the Car Is certainly better than the previous cost of oil, the vIscosity of the oil Is not the higher the better, not the more expensive the better.

2, the oil may be added more. Before the 4S shop maintenance, may be added each time the oil dipstick just had a little lower limit, on the outside, it might give you added near the oil-foot ceiling. While oil Is still between upper and lower limits, but it Is more so a bit of oil, more than half of the crankshaft Will be soaked in oil, the crankshaft rotation resIstance Is increased at the time, not only the cost of oil and the noIse Is also large.


Car maintenance, if not pay attention to these two Issues, increased fuel consumption Careful! Now you remember it? Repair old drivers to remind you when to change the oil in the Car maintenance, be sure to choose their own oil, because the general repair shop, to earn more money Will give you recommend big oil profits. in caseYou do not know what type of oil your Car add, please leave a message tell me the Car, let me tell you! The thumbs up Is an attitude, sharing Is a virtue, thank you!