When the car maintain it? Need to pay attention to what? The original thing Is not just an oil change

Note: When the Car maintain it? Need to pay attention to what? The original Is not just an oil change Well

and constantly improve the level of modern life, there Is growing emphasIs on life experience and enjoy. Car has become one of the necessities of quality of life, thousands of Car ownership also increased, not so vehicles using more and more frequent. But for vehicle maintenance, for the vast majority of Car owners Is still a blur. Then we take a brief look, the Car usually need to pay attention to what use and maintenance.

Usually Car Care demarcated in two ways, meaning the number of kilometers of vehicles, on the other hand Is the useful life of the vehicle.

1,5000-10000 km maintenance of the engine.

General 5000 kilometers we have done the first Car insurance, which Is free during the 4S shop maintenance. So we have to pay attention to what the maintenance time for it? The first Is the need to replace the engine oil and oil filter. Secondly, also detects air conditioning grid and grid, if a lot of dust, to be replaced. Because the environment of each vehicle Is different, so specific to the actual situation to decide whether or not to replace.

Maintenance detector

2,30000-40000 kilometers of the vehicle.

When the Car ran about 30,000 km, when the maintenance in addition to the aforementioned engine, brakes also check the degree of consumption, there Is no brake oil consumption, whether the engine coolant replace the fuel filter change (external and internal fuel filter Is divided into two types, referred to herein as external.) also check the degree of wear of the tire tread.

Maintenance detector

3,60000-80000 kilometers of the vehicle.

Usually the vehicle Is running over 60,000 kmWhen the repair shop can suggest the owner of the Car to do a major maintenance. That includes major maintenance generally, what does? Which in addition to the previously mentioned maintenance, and replacement of spark plugs detection; alternator belt, belt air conditioning, power steering pump belt check and replace (now many models are already unity of the three belts), when the engine gauge package (many models are now when the chain Is positive, it does not replace); as well as change the gearbox oil Automatic transmIssion Car, replacing the manual transmIssion gear oil.

The above Is the number of kilometers of the vehicle used to maintain, now more family Cars, Cars in general a year can only run 10000-20000 kilometers, some even less. So we should note, limit the vehicle when in use in addition to several kilometers, as well as time. Because there are a lot of things Will be aging, decay, deterioration (with all things on the Car industry, have shelf life, but longer than that before useless, after using relatively short), so 4S stores have 3-year warranty 6 case said.

then, according to vehicle age in general how to maintain it? The first Is the maintenance of the engine, usually once or twice a year, change the oil, incidentally check and replace the filter of four. Followed by tires, check and replace the belt, these products are rubber, it Is easy to aging after high-speed operation, and also there Is a big security rIsk Issues. Of course, there are more important aspects of braking, comprIsing brakes, brake dIscs and a series of chassIs parts, if they are to be in time where abnormal noIse inspection process.

In short, the Car Is one of the common tools of our lives, then we should go better Care, not just for a better Car experience, it Is for their own safety, the safety of everyone. I hope you enjoy a happy life, but can have more fun Car experience.