What time the maintenance, it Is who Is in charge of it?

maintenance intervals in the end Is in charge then?

If your Car still in warranty, it would have the final say by the Car manufacturers, every Car in time to market are to go through a lot of experiments, from experiment results most conservative Car maintenance intervals, so the Car warranty period, it Is recommended to go directly to 4s shop for maintenance.

If the Car after the warranty period, you can choose some good Auto repair shop for maintenance, in terms of price Is still a lot cheaper than the 4s shop.

often Car owners can Carry out maintenance on the Car based on mileage, such as once every five thousand kilometers maintenance and the like.

However, some Car owners time Is relatively small, such a situation can be maintained based on travel time, three months or six months can be serviced once.

if you have a good driving habits and Is dominated long dIstance running, then the maintenance interval time can be appropriately extended a bit, but if you are not very good driving habits , and often in the city Car, or Is short-based travel, maintenance intervals should be slightly shorter, shortest or should be recommended in the manufacturer’s interval. If you have a place to really understand what Is not, and can take a closer look at your “maintenance manual”, above detailed maintenance methods and Cautions.