What time the maintenance, care what time of the change, you know how much it?

Car, as a means of transport, Is now, more and more, buy a home, Car, travel Is not tight solve the problem, the most important Is to facilitate life, but also the maintenance of the late a problem, what time the bus maintenance, maintenance when to change anything, but how much you know about it?

I believe a lot of friends riders buy their own Car when the first Car for some maintenance, maintenance ah, when to change what Is inside the mind certainly Is a blank, at thIs time, we get thIs way Is nothing more than knowledge of three categories.

The first category, you get some knowledge to buy a Car from a friend there.

The second category Is the Internet to look at the video, then check the following information.

The third type Is from the repair shop and 4s shops, those craftsmen, master learned some knowledge.

Of course, sometimes three at a time mixing knowledge, some chaos, unable to figure out Is their own, not who said to whom thIs time we have one of the most clear way that we buy a Car Will have a lorry maintenance manual, thIs time, it contains a detailed record, what are we going to change thIs, what when the maintenance, if we thIs time we say confused, we follow thIs to feel right or wrong.

Of course. There are special Is, if we live in the northwest side of the sand and more, we could not talk to thIs air filter to the above, we want under the circumstances, each maintenance time, open look on it, or that we have some people at the site above the air filter Is the same thIs time, but also some people or that we often long dIstances vehicles are more brakes on our own time to look at each maintenance, then the change when he can replace , but in general we follow our maintenance manuals to Carry out maintenance. Absolutely nothing wrong.

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