What the second car maintenance needs to be replaced? Know, you can spend less nearly 200 yuan!

After buying a new Car, 4S stores are basically responsible for maintenance free for the first time, the first time the Car maintenance, Car owners to do what they do not only need to drive the truck to the 4S shop, all maintenance-related content are all addressed by the 4S shop. But the second Car maintenance, but the owners themselves need to worry about, that the second maintenance, vehicles need to replace what Is it? “Car Overview” for everyone to Carefully answer it!

The second Car Care and maintenance for the first time Is slightly different, in general, the second Car maintenance basically traveling around 10,000 kilometers, and the vehicle Is also about a year like thIs time, all aspects of vehicle performance tread just excited state of the vehicle Is still relatively better, if the 4S shop requires free to change things, the owner must be cautious at thIs time, to prevent spending the extra cost.

engine oil, machine filter maintenance

If Automobile engine oil synthetic oil, or substantially year ten thousand kilometers maintenance time, but if you use semi-synthetic oil, the basic Is six months or 5000 km maintenance once, in order to reduce maintenance costs, most of the 4S shop when the first Automobile insurance, and would prefer to use semi-synthetic oil to the owner maintenance. So basically the second time maintenance after the end of the first insurance, six months or 5,000 km.

the engine to replace the oil, the oil type selected in accordance with the owner to the condition, you can use synthetic oil, you can also use semi-synthetic oil, and the owners need to replace the oil filter. Fully synthetic motor oil, filters, working hours, fees, total maintenance cost of the project Is about 500 yuan, which Is the only one to be free.

vehicle tire replacement

If you go to the 4S shop to do the second time maintenance, 4S shops in order to ensure the Car tires before and after the wear and tear consIstent, you Will be asked to swap the tires were replaced, If the replacement tire, 4S stores Will be required to do balancing various reasons, thIs also requires a set cost about 100 yuan.

In general, only the front and rear tire wearWhen inconsIstencies, Will be required to do all around the tire swap process, before and after the owners need to Carefully observe whether the amount of tire tread wear obvious difference, if the tire tread similar, can do deferred tire swap deal. Now Automotive, tire swap process Is Carried out in most of twenty thousand kilometers, the second maintenance premature.

In doing second maintenance, tire pressure needs to be the amount of tire pressure, thIs Is free, the owner can Carefully measure the tire pressure situation .

air filter and air filter replacement

air filter and air filter replacement, depends entirely on the owner of the vehicle driving conditions, if often in the outside world environment Is harsher place Car, surrounded by dusty, thIs time Is the need to replace the air filter and air filter, but it Is better if the owner driving environment, the second maintenance Is absolutely no need to be replaced.

owners in the second maintenance, allows maintenance personnel removed the air filter and air filter, particularly if you find dirt, can be considered for replacement. Not a lot, there Is no use if the owner Is necessary to replace the air conditioning filter air conditioning case, if the air conditioning turned on, the Car smelled the smell, thIs time to replace the air filter. The two filter costs about 50 to 100 yuan.

vehicle inspection program

The second maintenance, need to check vehicle lighting situation Is good, the vehicle brakes in good condition, these are also free inspection items, of course, are also the most simple projects, a few minutes to get away.

The second vehicle maintenance Is also part of a small maintenance, and replacement of the basic air filter exchange projects are not required for the tire (nearly 200 yuan project), 10 million level if the cost of basic family Cars Will spend about 500 yuan, if the 4S shop overcharge you money, remember to ask what the specific fees and charges.

“Overview of the Car,” I wIsh you new drivers, new Cars Paul II smoothly, if you have any questions, please consult the “Overview of the Car.”