What routine car maintenance packages?

quite a lot of people doing maintenance when the 4S, 4S maintenance staff Will recommend a variety of packages to you, send thIs to send that said, saying the hype, it sounds very cost-effective, very attractive.

but in fact behind the launch of the 4S maintenance package that has some kind of routine do?

First of all you need to know the owners 4S routine maintenance has become a major source of income 4S shop, thIs income even on selling Cars. So, what methods of maintenance packages circle of customers through membership Card. ThIs way the money after the first service Is not fresh stuff.

On thIs course, how much life could be, or how many times maintenance services. ThIs Is a deep routine, because a lot of 4S shop owners are pit too much, what Is motionless cleaning coke, what cleaning nozzle, and paid for. So after a certain experience, a certain degree of understanding of the 4S shop routine, became a novice after the old drivers. As long as the Car one of the original warranty period of a lot of people would not choose to go 4S shop warranty, either because they were afraid of the pit, either too far away or a variety of other reasons, older drivers Will go out from the 4S shop Turn left to the Auto City.

If, after as a novice driver, in thIs routine, it Is basically tied to the client died, 4S shop Is basically not to worry, the annual performance can not worry, also in the factory where you can get the rebate, it would not be flattered!

In addition to a stable source of customers, it can also take the opportunity to point line and wool, which once stored the thousands of pieces of money, do not do anything even if there Is only Bank where there are a lot of interest, which Is equivalent to the 4S shop offers customers an interest-free loan.

in the 4S shop owners to do maintenance, 4S store sales do not eat cooked rice, Why not give something you push a hodgepodge of point? In addition, when you do maintenance because the inertia of thinking Will give priority to the 4S shop to do.

Finally, since you bought packages, stored money, as you have done or spendNot spent, that Is their own thing, anyway, 4S stores have taken our money, if the money Is not spent,, it Is equivalent to the power of money in vain 4S shop.

ThIs routine 4S really deep pit father!