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we all know the current situation of the Car market Is chaotic, with a Car, the price differences between different maintenance mode Is also very large. So, how each part of the vehicle need to raIse? 4S Is a need to change? Or repair shop on it? Or yourself can solve the problem?

manual Carefully I Will share with you some of my personal experience in vehicle maintenance.

To facilitate understanding, I have lIsted a table, so that everyone can understand.

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ThIs table can be said Is the reason Why many people say: “go 4S shop maintenance Is a pit,” the best evidence – basically addition to cleaning the throttle, wheel alignment, brake pad replacement adjustment and some other items, in most cases under the maintenance shop outside the formal than in the 4S shop maintenance cost. But thIs does not mean 4S good for nothing, and regular repair shop Is invincible, and here I would like to explain the advantages and dIsadvantages on both sides –

4S shop has the advantage of some of the other repair shop no data.

Parts of how things have to get better, even if it Is on Taobao, the micro-stores, the major third-party repair shop you can find the official production of repair parts, not to mention like Chen Tamura kind of Amoy to the “magic villages” of a variety of scrap parts. But some parts been replaced Is to go through adjustment of the data, and even some maintenance on an almost purely data correction (wheel alignment). In thIs area, because the 4S shop from the factory to get a complete factory data, so they Will not be too many problems arIse in a variety of tuning.

In addition, the4S shop Is in a brand specialized maintenance mainly for maintenance material vehicle maintenance tools Will be prepared very well equipped, mainstream brands under normal circumstances no additional appointments related to routine maintenance. ThIs Is a good thing for Car owners who need long dIstances.

Of course, it Is also obvious dIsadvantages – expensive and not expensive.

4S expensive repair body shop now particularly two aspects: one Is an expensive raw material, and the more brand zero integer ratio on the vehicle maintenance more expensive (e.g. Mercedes-Benz); the other Is man-hour cost of expensive, usually higher than outside the norms of professional repair shop in your 50% to 100% (unless you choose to do the Card, but that you’ve been stuck in the equivalent 4S in the ……), and the money over a period of time estimated to be cut down, after all, Is to get thIs part of the 4S when raIsing money to shop land money, so the problem of expensive short-lived fad Is not what’s changed.

Besides the third-party repair shop: Most third-party repair shop for two 4S stores do not have the advantages: cheap, can bring their own materials. For some easier maintenance projects, basically it requires only half the 4S shop price can achieve better results than its maintenance.

of significant drawbacks. Most maintenance workers are operating sub-standard, plus a lot of the need for standard maintenance operations outside the shop can not do (or do correct to say that the big unknown probability problems, which are related to the standard operating-related) , also often encountered as a result of lack of maintenance tools or do not significantly extend a matter of time. Only you can be master of these, we can consider self out for maintenance.

Well, in my own Car so far maintained basically the whole arrange their own insuranceKeep the Car, the current condition and the cost of ours? I’m simply reporting where relevant.

2015 models Honda Civic Platinum Rui Si, individual purchase price of 239,800 (naked prices). Currently ran 45,000 km, the age of about three and a half years, two months before the completion of the relevant contents of major maintenance.

At present condition can be quite good, even after 3 years of use, in which the long-dIstance journey by 30% when using 70% within the city, state of the vehicle remains at the new Car nine around into the horizon, no abnormal sound, loose frame, engine abnormal series of major Issues, there Is no abnormal increase in coke, oil burning small problems, such as the electronic device Is not working, vehicle tuning and driving experience almost no big difference with the new Car.

In thIs case, I am currently maintaining thIs Car into the breakdown Is as follows (approximate prices, ignoring a fraction, adding time charge):

oil filter

first insurance free of +4 times 10,000 km oil filter replacement

Total amount: 0 + 650 * 4 = 2600 yuan

air filter air conditioning filter

each replaced once a year, do it yourself

Total cost: 210 * 3 = 630 yuan

transmIssion oil

to replace a machine cycle, the original oil

Total amount: 650 + 200 = 850 yuan

gasoline additive

a long-acting additive in addition to Carbon + H throttle

Total amount: 100 * 9 = 900 yuan

brake fluid

General DOT4 brake fluid 1L to

Total amount: 200 + 60 = 260 yuan

wiper strip

their replacement, not only for changing article backbone

Total cost: 200

cleaning throttle

once cleaned, to reduce vibration reverse gear

Total amount: 100 yuan

wheel alignment

total adjusted twice, to prevent damage to the domestic road camber parameters

Total cost: 800 yuan

tire changer

thIs could not change, but because of bad road conditions outside the home, through the four wheels are rolling tires, more than once, so choose to replace

Total cost: 2600 yuan

replace the brake pad

braking rear wheels movable piece has been worn away

Total cost: 900 yuan

to replace the remaining

own WD-40 treatment at the aging glass sealing strip and door sealing strip

[12 3] Total cost: $ 40

The above prices: a total of 9880 yuan.

so that the Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, thIs Is only the maintenance of price maintenance. But basically most of the 20-30 million Class B, in the aim of “light using heavy maintenance”, in order to not see a big problem in the future (to use the words of 10-year target) Is generally the first five years of maintenance costs the 10,000 yuanNext, for your reference.

Part II, Tomcontra teacher Will focus on some of hIs experiences during part selection, so stay tuned.


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