What maintenance Is the big car? What are the maintenance project? All in here!

Many people know that thIs Car Is inseparable from maintenance. If maintenance Is not in place, it Will not only hurt the Car, but also pose a safety hazard during normal use of the Car. For example, if you usually do not Care about Car tires, you may not know if a tire Is punctured, it may lead to a flat tire accidents while driving. In addition, before the high-speed driving, the owner should also develop the habit of checking tire pressure, because tire pressure in order to avoid too high or too low to affect traffic safety.

In addition, as the Car’s “heart”, the engine Is undoubtedly one of the most important parts, so maintenance can not be ignored engine we know air filter on the Car clear mask can be considered a Car. I use it to stop the dust, and the throttle can be considered as the throat of the Car. These accessories work in an orderly, in order to ensure the normal operation of the engine. For the maintenance level Is usually the first insurance, two security, routine maintenance, unusual maintenance, small maintenance, major maintenance of the points.

First, a large Car maintenance usually take a long time, unlike ordinary maintenance Is required once every three months or six months. Insiders said that, in general, keep in mind these figures for the vast majority of private Cars, once every three years or sixty thousand kilometers to do Is take Care it Is still relatively reasonable. However, thIs Is not fixed. ThIs can be decided according to your usual Car usage. If you are traveling 30,000 kilometers in just three years, there Is no need for major maintenance. Extended period of time may go 4S point maintenance. In addition, if more than the usual Car, and in less than three years time has traveled more than 60,000 kilometers, of course, thIs Is not an ordinary private Cars can now be repaired in advance. Therefore, we can note here, mainly maintenance usually km as the main reference standard.

then the Car’s “major maintenance” What Is the project? ThIs Is also an Issue of great concern to many owners. In fact, from the name of major maintenance point of view, the maintenance costs are relatively large, after all, there are a lot of accessories and engine oil needs to be replaced. First of all, it Is best to check the entire vehicle to replace the oil, such as brake fluid, antifreeze, hydraulic steering assIstance, speeding tank oil. These oil replacement cycle Is generally about 60,000 km.

Of course, since oil are replaced, then a number of projects related to oil Will be involved, such as clean Carbon deposits, replace the battery, replace the spark plugs and timing belts. , They Will be replaced with the substantially. In particular, it relates to the deposition of Carbon. For turbocharged Cars, Carbon Is relatively serious. Excessive Carbon deposits in the engine can result in increased fuel consumption, lower power, difficult to start, suddenly stalled even in normal driving, it Is very dangerous. However, replace the battery can not be ignored. After all, the Car more and more electronic devices, battery consumption Is also increasing. Additionally, if the flame usually forget to turn off the air conditioner can easily lead to loss of battery power.