What Is deepening car maintenance? Car Maintenance deepening What?

[master Car: Car maintenance] The so-called Car deepen maintenance, major system Is the Car a thorough cleaning and maintenance, without damage to the original process, part of a comprehensive conservation, after all, the Car Is the third of seven support repair, Car maintenance well, not only greatly reduce the failure rate, but also to further improve the service life of the vehicle.

deepen maintenance projects include: cleaning the engine fuel injectors, combustion chamber, the throttle; engine lubrication system cleaning and maintenance; Automotive power steering system cleaning and maintenance; replace the gearbox oil, clean the oil pan and replace the filter; air-conditioning system, deep cleaning sterilization; engine throttle cleaning and maintenance.

specific conservation period:

every five thousand kilometers or half a year maintenance time

brakes general ten thousand kilometers Car inspection full fluid change [123 about a

forty thousand kilometers]

each maintenance In addition to changing the oil filter should be outside the whole Car oil inspection


forty thousand kilometers clean up Carbon deposits, cleaning spark plug fouling

Clear gum and Carbon deposits within the system, to prevent unwanted corrosion, prevent and stop the leak and seal the tank, the complete replacement of the old coolant

master summary

: maintenance and small Is different, because the deepening maintenance Will involve a lot of key positions, but also use a lot of special tools, the master Is not recommended white-yourself, in case dIsassembly and cleaning Is not appropriate, Will seriously affect the normal use of the vehicle, or even cause a variety of vehicle breakdown, so we still drive to a professional repair shop or Auto 4S shop to do maintenance to deepen it. Statement: ThIs article Is reprinted for more information to pass it. If the source tagging error or a violation of your legal rights, please contact the author holding proof of ownership of thIs site, we Will promptly correct, delete, thank you.