What Is a small car maintenance? What small car maintenance project?

Car Is a very large complex machines, Is also a big thing at home. It Is always in our normal driving and the use of the process Will produce some wear and tear, so the Car maintenance Is also very necessary. In Car maintenance, a small maintenance Is the most common. Today, let’s see what it Is little maintenance.

a small maintenance generally refers to the Car running for some time, in order to protect vehicle performance, the specified manufacturers time or mileage, to do some daily maintenance projects. Including oil change and oil filter, etc.

small maintenance intervals

effective small maintenance time depends on the time between oil and oil filter Cartridge used or mileage. Levels of mineral oil of different brands, different validity semi-synthetic engine oil and all synthetic engine oil, generally subject to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Oil filter Cartridge Is usually divided into long-term conventional filters and the filter two. Long-life filter last longer.

Machine oil filter for filtering oil components. It was filtered gum, impurities, water and additives contained in the oil. Furthermore, during engine operation, metal debrIs generated by the friction of various parts, the object intake air impurities, oxides oil Is being filtered oil filter. If the engine oil Is not filtered, but directly into the oil cycle, it Will adversely affect engine performance and life.

vehicle maintenance can not only eliminate unnecessary security rIsks, but also to make our driving experience more comfortable. Small maintenance projects to be Carried out, while small, but they also play an important role in protecting our Cars.