What exactly do the project when car maintenance? Do not be fooled 4S old shop

when we go to maintenance, 4S often recommend we do a lot of projects, especially clean Carbon package. Do it, costs a lot of money, I do not know there Is no effect. Do not do it, I do not mind at ease. How to do it?

In fact, in addition to each maintenance must replace the oil filter (10,000 km fully synthetic, semi-synthetic 7500 km, 5000 km of mineral oil) were used, and vehicle maintenance manual written maintenance maintenance to cycle.

Each different vehicle requirements, as follows:

Of course, it Is not certain, according to the vehicle use environmental and personal driving habits, some parts may be problems ahead of time, how to determine the need for maintenance in advance:

looks complicated, it seems not start. In fact, when the engine situation occurs, we tend to give a signal. Good engine conditions should be such that:

an idle stabilization.

2. smooth operation, the Car Is not obvious or subtle jitter.

3. no abnormal vibration and noIse.

An interesting phone APP friendly driving test, you can see three straight neat. Below:

ThIs Is the perfect Volvo XC60 Car idling ECG: idle stabilization, feel jitter, high running smoothly. Engine technology Is very mature now, as long as properly maintained, less than one hundred thousand kilometers to maintain a good state, Is not difficult. When the Car inspection, can be achieved as long as the following criteria are assured mention Cars:

When Cars with time due to attenuation of the oil, Carbon, or other rubber spark plug piece aging, etc., on condition changed. Maintenance, we do a test, if the measured results almost like a new Car, do not require additional maintenance. The following situations may require additional maintenance:

Is idle and when there Is significant jitter regularity, 4S can read the data stream, check the spark plug ignition wire or the like. When severe idle jitter (greater than 1000), priority check, replacement of the engine machine feet, even new Cars have to check.

and less than 1000, irregular jitter, mostly after replacing the oil can be improved, the following before and after oil replacement Cowarts Erbao When comparing:

If change the oil, but significantly larger shake, then they would have to check whether the oil increases too much, or not to add the label of oil, even fake oil.

The following Is a before and after the replacement machine foot contrast:

In short, the Car Is bad repair, not open bad . If the condition Is good, do not wash wash that thIs Is not only a waste of money, no problem to wash the problems are not uncommon.