What errors should be noted that car maintenance There? The article said that a few, the owner soon see it

What errors should be noted that

Car maintenance There? The article said that a few, the owner quickly look at it

vehicle maintenance vehicles belonging to the inevitable, first of all vehicles in the warranty period, maintenance Is recommended in the 4S shop, although the country now provIsion can be made outside the repair shop maintenance, but really out of the question 4S stores Will be passing the buck, so to unnecessary trouble in the warranty period recommended maintenance 4S shop.

then the vehicle needs to pay attention to what 4S maintenance, first of all vehicles normally belong to the first insurance free of any item not paid to do, 4S shop technician may flicker you be what engine wash program, the majority of novice drivers would be fooled to do, thIs completely unnecessary, normal vehicle first insurance Will change the engine oil filter machine what’s on it.

in the oil chosen 4S shop may recommend that you use synthetic oil, fully synthetic oil although the lubrication effect Is indeed better, but Will not be suitable for all Cars, the specific use What oil or refer to your maintenance manual, self-priming normal engine maintenance recommended 5000 km or six months time, whichever occurs first principle of two.

There Is the air filter, air filter what does not need to be replaced every maintenance are normally recommended for 1 year or ten thousand kilometers replace times can be, and usually you can use a high-pressure gun in addition to a gray on it, then there Is the engine of Carbon deposition process, the normal advice Is about twenty thousand kilometers on it except once, no need to wash too frequently, or when cold idling Is feeling a sense of jitter, then clean up.

to Carry out maintenance on the outside, then we must first choose a relatively large repair shop, the best choice for Auto repair shop chain operations, in oil brand of choice recommended to choose big brand Mobil 1, Castrol, Shell can take a look, in short, vehicle maintenance mainly to refer to the maintenance manual, no need to do a project not to do on a regular basIs to Carry out maintenance on it !

First of all you should refer to thIs mIsunderstanding do not need to do, do not engage. Spent odds are it! Then let me introduce bought the Car from which stage how maintenance Is required. newCar, the first insurance 4s shop, free of charge, to change the oil filter, air filter Will not give you change, you do not need to worry about thIs.

The second maintenance, and thIs time you choose a repair shop outside the shop or 4s, 4s shop in general Will change the oil filter, air filter, air-conditioning filter, cleaning section valve. Look at Cars and local charges, the general mid-size Car at around 500-700, if the outside Is probably around 350-550. But thIs you can choose not need to change Is not change, for example, the air filter.

the third time in about 15,000 km maintenance, and the last time in almost 4s shop, but to one more gearbox oil. On the outside, they Will not let you change the gearbox oil, unless you want to earn money.

In general want to change the air filter twice a year, but due to the weather and the environment varies, the easiest Is to have a taste of air conditioning when you have to change, or every time maintenance are out of view under.

gearbox oil, thIs depends on manually or Automatically, manually change once in general 2-30000, usually Automatically change once 5-60000, the premIse Is good use of oil, Automatic machines. Additional oil filter each must change, air filter change at best every time, fuel filter 10000-15000 replacement. The spark plug Is then, in general change 5-60000, 60000-80000 replacement tire, tire life and almost brakes!