What do car maintenance project? Know, so you spend less money wasted

Lead, for most people, in addition to driving, in fact, to understand the Car really Is not a lot, because these Cars do not understand the cause of failure when we do not know where the problems arIse , sent to repair the Car, you have to do what they said, every time ranging from several hundred to repair all the thousands, even if your Car does not need to change some parts, the Car also for profit give you change, you do not understand anyway, so at thIs time, with a certain sense of Automotive repair and maintenance of how important it Is. So what items are vehicle maintenance to do it?

In addition to simple Care such as regular oil changes as well as air filter replacement Cartridges than on Car maintenance to be done at several projects, we must first check the Automobile antifreeze liquid level Is below normal levels, as well as the age of the Car battery and headlight speakers Is in a normal state of use, if you can not use to be replaced as soon as possible, in order to avoid mIstakes because these small details and cause serious personal injury.

The second Is to check the Car’s brake pads for wear serious, there Is no oil leakage phenomenon, identify problems had to be replaced, because the entire Car brakes braking system plays a vital role in a Careless accident Is tragic, so to take preventive measures.

There are some small details of maintenance, such as replacing the wiper brake fluid or something, these must be according to the instructions of use in the Car requires a certain period of time replacement or maintenance in a timely manner, the most basic common sense to know not only deepen your understanding of the Car, but the Car no longer afraid to shop inexplicable slaughtered a lot of money.