What car major maintenance and replacement of all what Is meant small maintenance

vehicle maintenance major maintenance and small maintenance What does thIs mean

Cars in use, Will cause wear and tear, therefore, in motion after a certain time or mileage, in order to ensure the performance and safety of the vehicle, the Car Will need to be maintained. However, due to the different vehicle models or use different materials, such as oil block times, level, etc., there are differences maintenance cycle. For example: Valid mineral oil Is 5000 km or three months; valid semi-synthetic oil Is 7500 km or six months; valid fully synthetic motor oil Is 10,000 km or one year. Of course, we can prevail in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

at the time of maintenance, we often hear “the first insurance”, “little maintenance”, “major maintenance” and so on, all what does it mean?-Called first Paul Is the first Car maintenance, usually in the Car driving over 3000 km, 5000 km, or after two weeks, the Car Will be the first insurance, thIs period Is often defined as a period of transition.

Next, we say little maintenance, maintenance generally refers to small Cars after traveling a certain dIstance, and provIsions for the protection of vehicle manufacturers at the time or mileage routine maintenance items made , including replacement of oil and oil filter. Small maintenance intervals depend upon the effective time or mileage engine oil and oil filter used. Buying a Car began selling Cars from the sound of the Car! Levels of different brands of mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, synthetic oil are not the same validity period, whichever may be recommended by the manufacturer. The oil filter generally divided into conventional and long-acting are two, to replace conventional oil filter with random oil, oil filter using a long-acting and longer.

Besides major maintenance, Car after driving a certain number of kilometers (for example, 30,000 kilometers or more), you need to be large to maintain the entire vehicle, including the whole Car oil, such as brake fluid, steering oil, transmIssion oil, of course, some may be from the replacement, as well as antifreeze, timing belt and tire (wheel alignment), brakes and other safety components also require inspection and maintenance Carefully. Buying a Car began selling Cars from the sound of the Car!

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As we all know, modern society Automobile has entered the homes of ordinary people, greatly facilitate our daily travel, just buy anything Is the same, they have to buy pots and pans for not cleaning cleaning?

Cars also need maintenance, but there are many drivers of vehicle maintenance Is not clear, small maintenance and major maintenance Issues of today we talk about vehicle .

Small maintenance:

generally refers to: a vehicle running for some time, the engine oil and oil filter Qing Is to be replaced, the engine can operate better.

due to the different types of engine maintenance so little time also there are some differences, under normal circumstances Is recommended every six months or 5,000 km a small maintenance.

great Care:

means a vehicle after a certain number of years and kilometers, in addition to doing small maintenance out of these projects, but also for vehicle fuel filter, antifreeze, transmIssion fluid, brake fluid, the direction of power oil for inspection and replacement. Buying a Car began selling Cars from the sound of the Car!

also to the timing belt and a spark plug of the engine to check the running state of the vehicle remains good.

Tell me what you remember the classic: a vehicle every two years on the need for major maintenance.

vehicle maintenance and replacement are what?

Car maintenance Is not a simple oil changes, filter, air filter so simple. Most people have seen the answer Is the same pattern, not oil, filter, air filter, in fact, Is not so simple Car maintenance, Car maintenance in addition to the basic oil change, filters, and air filters, to be Carried out on the vehicle entire vehicle check Now I give you to talk about the details of Car maintenance.

First, to check the clutch pedal, accelerator pedal, stroke of the brake pedal, and then check the travel of the vehicle handbrake. Stroke inspection machine direction. Check full lighting, instrumentation, sound, speakers. Glass upgrader, wiper, mirrors, seat belt, the seat travel, the child lock. To check the air conditioning, hot air, each outlet, the size of the components, check the air filter. Check battery voltage, check the brake oil, antifreeze, oil booster. To check the air filter, the engine belt tensioner impulsive, locks and four check tank. Buying a Car began selling Cars from the sound of the Car! Check screws entire vehicle, check the following respective conduit, checking brakes, check the tire pressure, tire screw strength, as well as checking the spark plug gap, and the computer checks the entire vehicle and the like.

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replacement of specific project a three-core oil,

1 oil filter.

2. The air filter.

3. The fuel filter.

4. the replacement of oil.

If major maintenance, in addition to other than the above.

1. The transmIssion gear oil.

2. The spark plug.

3 brake fluid.

4. Brakes, (see wear)

5. The air filter. (As the case may be, may be a small maintenance)

6. switching tire. (See wear, replacement)

7. Cleaning throttle deposits.

8. Replace the engine belt.

roughly on these projects, some projects might not expect. Welcome to add, correct me. Thank you!

so that Car maintenance Is not a few others did not work in the front line as an oil change ah filters, and Is driving change all know thIs, we welcome the Comments. Articles from the network consolidation for reference purposes only! All final interpretation of the original author (original text / sound Automobile)