What car maintenance project? The basic items that are up! No longer afraid of the pit!

[master Car: Car maintenance Cars] are frequently used in our daily lives, but we know much about Cars. When they encounter problems, we can only go to 4s shops or Auto repair shop maintenance. Most people do not know whether they were pit. Even if they know they’re being pit, and they can not do anything. So today’s masters Will introduce you to what maintenance projects!

Car maintenance project description: oil.

it Is also referred to as oil lubricants. Its function Is to lubricate, cool, and to absorb and buffer the engine to reduce wear. Therefore, the engine oil Is also known as “blood.” There are three types of engine oil:

fully synthetic engine oil: fully synthetic engine oil has better high temperature performance, longer drain intervals and advantages apply to a vehicle condition worse . However, all synthetic oil prices are also higher than other types of oil. In general, we want to change about 10,000-12,000 kilometers. If you do not often open, and emulsified oil Will lose its function. It needs to be changed about a year.

semi-synthetic oil: semi-synthetic oil change period Is generally about 8000-10000 km, the relative balance of price and performance.

Mineral oil: The oil typically need to be replaced at about 5000 km. Compared with semi-synthetic oil and synthetic oil in all, not very different, so I do not recommend using thIs type of oil.

Automotive maintenance item description: three filters.

Cartridge oil filter, air filter and air filter in three Cars are collectively referred to as filters. Oil filter Cartridge Is used to filter the oil. It Is the oil used to remove dust, metal particles, Carbon, soot particles and other impurities, and protect the engine. Its replacement cycle with the same oil. Every time oil change, we need to replace the filter.

As the name implies air filter for filtering air to ensure that the engine air intake cleaning. Usually replaced every two years, or about 20,000 kilometers. Every small maintenance are requiredBlowing air gun use, to ensure clean air cleaner element. Air-conditioning filter function Is to filter indoor air, to prevent dust and odors into the Car and affect driving environment. It Is also about 2 km or changed once every 2 years.

Car maintenance projects: antifreeze.

Is also known as antifreeze coolant, their main function Is to prevent freezing in winter, summer, and boiling scale and corrosion. The average replacement cycle of freezing solution Is about 60,000 km in the 4 years. Check the frozen liquid, frozen liquid container has a maximum (MAX) and minimum (minimum) two symbols. When replacing the cryogenic liquid, cryogenic liquid can not exceed the capacity of the maximum value and the minimum value Is less than if the frozen solution, then the need to add a liquid to be frozen.

Master Summary: The above Is a comprehensive introduction to Car maintenance project. As for the introduction of Car maintenance project, we can see three products, namely oil, all three filters and antifreeze. After reading the introduction masters, you know how much thIs Car maintenance project?