What car maintenance project? Daquan car maintenance project here!

[Car masters:] vehicle maintenance vehicle maintenance has been a problem for many owners are concerned about what many owners do not know a friend Is maintenance projects, replacement parts can do. Today to share with you what items and accessories Car replacement cycle in the maintenance.

oil: oil changes and maintenance Is the most common projects, oil Is to play Is the engine lubrication, cooling, shock absorption and cushioning effect of reducing wear, oil Is the life span, so to be replaced on a regular basIs, different types of engine oil replacement cycle Is not the same, now divided into three types of oil: synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oil and mineral oil. Fully synthetic motor oil has better high and low temperature type, price Is the highest three inside. The replacement cycle Is generally 10000-12000 km. Semi-synthetic oil change intervals in the 8000-10000 km. Mineral oil replacement cycle Is generally 5,000 kilometers.

three filter: filter means three oil filter, air filter and air filter. Oil filter function Is to remove all impurities in the oil, to ensure the normal lubrication system, so the oil filter should be replaced together with the oil when changing the oil. Air filter Is used to ensure that the air intake filter cleaning or replacement period of 2 years at 20,000 km. Air filter prevents dust and odors outside the vehicle into the Car, the replacement cycle at 20,000 km or 2 years.

The spark plug: the role of the spark plug in that cylinder ignition of the explosive mixture ignition, once the working time Is too long, the engine Will run smoothly and without jitter, even mIssing cylinder Is formed, beat the fire, while also making the engine more cost oil, so the role of the spark plug Is very important. Iridium spark plug replacement period 80000-100000 km, platinum spark plug replacement period 50000-60000 km, nickel spark plug replacement period 20000-30000 km.

gearbox oil: gearbox transmIssion oil Is there, Is to play the role of lubrication. Automatic and manual gearbox oil gearbox oil two kinds. Automatic gearbox replacement cycle Is about 80,000 kilometers, manual gearbox replacement cycle Is about 120,000 km.

Coolant: cooling liquid Is water cooled to ensure the normal operation of the engine, for a long time without replacing the coolant Will actually degraded, causing the engine temperature Is too high or too low. Replacement cycle in four years or 60,000 kilometers.

Brake oil: brake oil (brake fluid) having strong water absorption, moIsture in the air Is Automatically absorbed. High water content of the brake fluid, brake fluid Will lead to a lower boiling point, bubbles are likely to cause failure of the brake. Replacement cycle 40,000 kilometers.

brake pads: replacement time of the brake pads with the driving habits of the owner related to major maintenance check based on them, or the thickness of the brake warning Is too low, it needs to be replaced. General period of about 400 million highway.

Battery: The actual battery life and the quality of Automotive batteries, ambient temperature, vehicle condition, road conditions, driver habits are closely related, used properly, can extend battery life. The replacement cycle Is generally 40,000 km.

Master Summary: About basic Car maintenance items are in it, and every time maintenance should be Carried out according to their own Car maintenance situation, do not over maintenance, excessive maintenance not only not good for the engine , but it Will also reduce its service life.