What car maintenance needs to be done

are now many small partners Will not drive a Car but we usually keep a Car that Car maintenance needs what project to do it!

Is substantially normal maintenance we only need to replace some of the oil filter

to be replaced when the air filter and the fuel filter twenty thousand km clean, air-conditioning filter

thirty thousand kilometers need to replace the brake fluid

fifty thousand kilometers need to replace the entire Car oil (transmIssion oil, antifreeze) and spark plug

the following Is a detailed description: we all know that every time we maintain engine oil and filter must be replaced, and now oil brands and models on the market there are many so we should change the oil in the maintenance manual reference model to replace the above, here Xiao Bian also suggest that you go to a large repair shop or store to avoid selecting false 4 son of oil,

twenty thousand kilometers Why to replace the air filter and the fuel filter it, the role of the air filter Is to filter the outside air to improve combustion efficiency of the engine, after a period of time there Will be a lot of dust on the air filter Will impact of vehicle power and fuel consumption, fuel filter and air filter Is the same reason

in Largest Car maker in brake fluid change intervals of two years are marked three kilometers ThIs Is because brake fluid itself has a strong water absorption, it Will absorb the moIsture present in the air, but when we step on the brake and then if the brake oil in when too much water vapor, the water vapor inside the brake oil to high temperature because of the vacuum, thus affecting braking.

gearbox oil in the gearbox Is in the role of oil and the same effect, in particular, Automatic transmIssion, gearbox oil changed regularly it Is necessary to drop

the spark plug Is the owner of most of us have heard a term most, many customers thought just the spark plug and then start working the moment, it Is not your spark plug from the engine has been started to work, then how do we know what to replace the spark plug in it! ThIs would, depending on your point of view the Car, fuel consumption in the Car when we somehow larger or inability to speed here, then you should consider whether you need to replaceA spark plug