What car maintenance Is not necessary to do, a lot of white aftermarket sales have been fooled

Car Is now very popular, so there are ten people inside half of the people have a Car, but the Car could really cheap, but may keep a Car Is not so easy when you have a Car later you Will find that in addition to refueling the Car, you usually need to maintain, to maintain, to a range of insurance and other expenses. These not so easy to make money for people who really Is not a small burden, and today we come to talk about Car maintenance which Is not necessary to do.

First engine clean, I think many people Will ignore these problems, in fact, a Car engine also need to occasionally wash, because the engine compartment there Is dust stains very common, normal small series are wet towel to wipe it, but if you go to the maintenance point, they Will tell you that thIs must be who Is going to use the rinse, otherwIse, it Will affect the heat engine, but also affect seriously Automotive safety.

These words actually fool the inexperienced riders or can, in fact, do these harmful dust for the engine, but that Is still not to cause engine such a big impression, so if you do not mind yourself, then I suggest you buy yourself a towel with cleaning agent like something, it’s really not necessary to go to the repair shop to clean.

followed by tire maintenance, tire maintenance in general Is in fact under these patterns to clean the stone with the Car, and finally give the tires check the tire pressure, these are very simple but for these tires really Is a routine cleaning, repair shops Will recommend many new Car owners use tire wax, and it can make tires more durable look, these words are so many people happy, but it Is these products wipe shoes with us oil Is the same, in fact, these are not necessary to use, as they say extend tire usage time Is only a pretext Bale.

then that Is the depth of the engine maintenance, in fact, many people have encountered done, when they change the oil, the sales staff Will recommend the use of clean engine oil agent, said to be a hundred percent clean engine cleaning agent residues inside the old grease, cleaning agents, although these do have some effect, but really there Is no need to clean, But only if you change the oil Will not be too long or exceed the number of kilometers.

The final step Is playing bottle, and indeed the Car after a period of time there Will be the presence of Carbon, but if it does not lower coke serious the situation Is not to ignore, but many people Will use the terminal stores these to sCare inexperienced owners can tell them, if not promptly clean up coke, then coke Will be getting serious, thIs time it Will recommend to the owners playing bottle, in fact, by playing bottle to clean up Carbon deposits unscientific it does, in fact, as long as we do not use fake oil, it Will not appear normal these cases.