What car maintenance include? What precautions? All owners soon see it!

What Car maintenance include? What precautions? All owners soon see it!

A lot of people bought the Car after it, a headache, Why headache? Maintenance had to, had to refuel their bodies are reluctant to regular physical examination, have to do maintenance on time, the key Is do not know the severity of maintenance time, do not know who should Care, which should not be maintained, for a moment look at thIs article, the need for maintenance , and while watching thIs video, but thIs Is not necessary maintenance, the heart tired!

In fact, the most important Is Automotive engine oil, oil filter, air filter, air filter maintenance, routine maintenance Is also a small thing, Is divided into fully synthetic motor oil oil, semi-synthetic oil and mineral oil, a little long-winded, there are several different replacement kilometers and date in mind on the line, I think the oil must be replaced regularly, since a long time the oil Is easily oxidized, bearing what some have bad effects, just like people, Cardiovascular blood circulation Is not smooth, it Is finIshed, and quickly hung up!

words: small maintenance timing of replacement of oil and oil filters, air filter replacement some turbo engines of great benefit, of course, on their own air filter breathing air Is good ah, if DIY also can buy their own air filter and air filter, unwinding ordered himself Is also OK!

The rest Is major maintenance, and generally 6-8 ten thousand kilometers in the Car when you need major maintenance, of course, you little maintenance, it Will not appear the big problem, mainly on the overall condition Is not good, just like people, fine living and bad chaos of life are the same die, but quality of life Is a world of difference, right?

mainly in the following aspects:

1 timing belt (maintenance-free timing chain skip), thIs thing Is bad. how much harm, degree of your mother own it!

2. The brake system brakes, brake pads, brake oil, not petty, which are life-saving things, the block Is not the open Car technology, Automobile brake Is maintained Wang!

3. Tire, aging does not change, the urban area lacks something, often run high speed, and that Is to take life a joke of it!

As for anything else coke friends, wipers, ah, ah glass of water, you see attitude to life, and some people are bad old man mentality, able to open on the line, then you do not bother the. Some have a glass heart, born picky, then you worry about more than myself!

It depends on what the maintenance. Briefly about the first insurance, Paul II, Miho, but also we use the most maintenance.

Is the first insurance 4S shop offers free maintenance, in accordance with regulations, the Car after 5000 km and 6 months, whichever comes first, to the 4S maintenance. Project includes an oil change, change oil grid, a simple check, the maintenance Is sure to return to the Car 4S to do. In fact, thIs process takes about half an hour, but the 4S shop may take 1-2 hours, because you have to line up, if an appointment may not need to line up, it Is recommended to go 4S shop to do some fixed project, or make an appointment comparIson it Is good.

After the first insurance there Is no free maintenance up. Paul II was the second Car maintenance Carried out in the 4S, Carried out 10,000 kilometers of time, but in fact not so strict, can go to 15000-20000 kilometers when re-do their own Car frequency Is not so strong. The maintenance of fact, not too many projects, but also an oil change, change oil grid, change the air filter, about one hour, but still have to line up with 1-2 hours, so the whole process takes about 1-2 hours to get . Advance booking Is recommended. It should be noted that the air filter in thIs thing does not have to change when Paul II, let the teacher removed to help clean up the dirt on the grid and then re-installed back like, wait until the 30,000 kilometers of time, or bad times and back.

Miho need relatively long time, thIs maintenance probably do 30,000 km time. ThIs maintenance Is necessary to change the oil, change oil grid, changing air filters, brake oil change, transmIssion oil change, thIs process probably two hours. The Miho proposal Is still a change, after the completion of these change, the Car has become opened a lot of good, or whether it Is the feeling of power transmIssion, have been a lot smoother.