What car maintenance in the “pit” need to avoid, thIs “jewel” please accept

March already half over, although many other countries in the world are still tough and doing fight the epidemic, but the domestic situation in the efforts of people across the country, still have very good progress, many domestic provinces and cities have done clearing the confirmed cases. So most of the owners, basically have been gradually return to work at work, at home two or three months to stop the Car did not move, you can move a bit.

Many owners should all think so, never used the Car for so long, and then use it to go to maintenance should be quite a lot better. ThIs Is indeed a very good Car maintenance practices, but because we have such needs, so only some of the 4S shop during thIs time Will be busy at the time of Car maintenance, it Is likely to unwittingly dig some “pit”. And we talk about today, those in the Car to avoid the maintenance needs of “pit”, thIs maintenance “jewel” Please accept it.

TOP1 maintenance period

may be a lot of our owners, often 4S shop to get some reminders, are generally required we meet every three months or 5,000 km maintenance time to go. But science maintenance time Is it really? Not really, do not believe you sent out to buy a Car when the Car manual to see, in general most of the vehicles are stated, and 6 months or to conduct a comprehensive maintenance Is the most appropriate after run 10,000 kilometers, while 4S shop half so sCared half Hude with your analysIs of Why 3 months maintenance time, in fact, Is to create more revenue opportunities. In general, everyone half a year maintenance time on it.

TOP2 which Is redundant maintenance projects

Many owners at every maintenance, you may look at a long maintenance project headache, and then casually began to confirm, if you are not ostentatious, do not do it, because there are some many unnecessary maintenance projects, like the most common air cleaning and cleaning oil.

tend to be more like a new Car, after a Car just to mention two or three years, these two projects Is completely unnecessary. Cleaning oil Is added to the tankFuel agent, and then the fuel chamber, throttle them for cleaning. Generally speaking, if you usually use are regular gasoline, the Car has no fault, the oil Is relatively smooth. Only some of the relatively long life of the Car, Will have oil deposits to be cleaned phenomenon.

The air cleaning even easier, if the air does not smell, basically do not need maintenance. With smell, we ourselves also available online, spend dozens of pieces, buy a bottle to avoid demolition of the air cleaner, the air conditioning vent spray it, wipe it, moving hands to complete, compared to 4S shop maintenance to save money and more.