What car maintenance do you really know?

a lot of friends all know that vehicle owners after running for some time to do maintenance, may in the end what the project should do it? Many owners of a friend may not know, especially the large number of female owners, especially lack of knowledge. Here we say something about, understand thIs knowledge in the future can prevent pit yo!

maintenance item

Maintenance refers to a large category, not a specific one. 9 routine maintenance consIsts of the following major items of different models differ, here Will not see them here.

1, oil service. 2. Air filter maintenance. 3, air filter maintenance. 4, fuel filter maintenance. 5, brake fluid maintenance. 6, brake maintenance. 7, brakes maintenance. 8, spark plug maintenance. 9, transmIssion fluid maintenance.

Is to do more maintenance projects, since we know that these come look at their maintenance cycle.

1, oil service

Oil maintenance period mainly depends on the oil category used, typically mineral oil 5000Km a change, half synthetic oils 7500Km a change, a change 10000Km full synthetic oil.

2, the air filter and air filter, like, basically 15000Km a change, but each Car’s specification out differently, the second time when maintenance Is defined as the BMW change, that Is, 20000Km a change. In fact, Xiao Bian think the most likely way Is to check every dirty on the exchange.

3, fuel filters generally 30000km a change, Car dealers are not the same it Is different. Xiao Bian personally feel slightly longer time not much impact, but I’m going to tell you that a dry ah.

Note – recent Chinese New Year Is coming, a lot of people have to return home under the group drove in, we try to do those little gas station, some sinIster business rigged Car AddedHe would later became very sick, and what engine failure light, trembling, inability to refuel so a series of problems have emerged.

4, brake fluid maintenance, thIs Is generally 2 years for a 40000Km. How should I say thIs, many owners friends would say, and I opened five or six years have not replaced, no problem ah, Why waste money change him. Small series to talk, because the water absorption band brake oil, a long time become soft brake, the braking dIstance becomes longer, open uncomfortable. Specific doorways are still many, the future Will have to explain, here not long-winded.

5, spark plug maintenance, mainly in the mileage-based spark plug, 50000Km a change to ensure that no problem. ThIs thing in the majority of owners circle Is a controversial topic, post I Will explain specialize.

6, brake pads and brake dIscs Is maintenance based on actual usage, as long as the owners of a friend who develop the habit of regularly check the Car no problem.

7, transmIssion fluid maintenance, thIs 70,000 km to 100,000 km can be recommended by the machine change, in exchange for a clean number, but more than about twice the price.

I Peng brother said sale, want to know little bit more attention to the knowledge of the Automotive aftermarket, regularly updated yo!