What are the first car maintenance needs to be done?

do first Paul need to prepare before these

■ remind 1: give the best to do it before the first insurance 4S shop make an appointment. Due to the growing number of vehicles, aftermarket shop various 4S shop’s often “full of Cars,” if you do not make an appointment often on a half-day workshop outside, etc. are not on the team.

■ remind 2: When do the maintenance Is sure to bring some things, such as user manuals, driving thIs.

■ remind 3: usually while driving if you encounter some failures or questions can be recorded, told staff at the time of regIstration the first insurance to facilitate the technician to do together when the first insurance the problems are check something. For example, there was a small icon appeared, the driver had appeared abnormal sound …… Be sure to tell the staff in advance when these Issues do the first insurance, to facilitate the appropriate checks.

The first security projects to replace the engine oil filter machine Is the focus

the need for the project to detect a lot of the first insurance when, for example aspect of lighting, tires, chassIs, engine compartment of the vehicle of the various oil level, trip computer and other full range of testing should be Carried out, but thIs Is one of the most important and most critical step Is to change the oil and oil filter, which the first step Is to ensure the most gold content.

chassIs Is also the focus of inspection, the average Car chassIs due to its low there Is often a case in underpinning driving there, so they can check on the maintenance of the chassIs Is also very important. Mainly to see whether the chassIs severe scratches, whether the exhaust pipe at the scratches, whether chassIs corrosion, oil spills and other phenomena.

check tire wear marks mainly to see the four tires are the same, if different wear would indicate that the vehicle has the possibility of deviation, need to be further wheel alignment. It also needs to check tire pressure, now comes the winter, you need to add the appropriate tire pressure.


Q1: the vehicle Is not the first insurance Is free?

A1: Basically all Car manufacturers for the first vehicle insurance are free (but some of the imported Cars are not), when the first insurance replacement standard equipment manufacturers of oil, oil filter and labor costs are free. Of course, if the owner Is for manufacturers to provide free oil are not satIsfied, you can choose better quality oil, it should be charged.

Q2: How long do first after Paul next maintenance?

A2: general maintenance once every 5000 kilometers, it Is recommended the owner can do after the mIstake never to do ahead of time. Vehicle maintenance does not have to immediately to 5000 km or more than 5000 km do maintenance, the best mileage in advance, such as more than 4000 kilometers to do so for the vehicle maintenance effect Will be better, of course, if more than once in the 5000 km and then do maintenance, major problems Will not arIse.

Q3: After each of the first insurance maintenance, project the same?

A3: certainly not the same, maintenance after the first insurance Is based on the specific circumstances of each vehicle traveling identified. Like the replacement time of the air filter, air filter, the brake oil of the parts, different manufacturers predetermined replacement time Is not the same. Only the future Will pay for the maintenance.