What are regular car maintenance, old drivers taught you!

As we all know, regular maintenance Is done to the vehicle in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle at all times, regular maintenance can as soon as possible find fault where the vehicle and take preventive measures, so that you know which Car to maintain it? And what do routine maintenance?


generally divided into small maintenance routine maintenance and maintenance of large, small maintenance generally refers to the replacement of oil and oil filter, typically a 5,000 km. Major maintenance Will generally replace the oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, brake fluid, transmIssion fluid, generally 60,000 km once, but each time the maintenance shop when, further comprIsing a standard tire tread maintenance process checks, check the chassIs (brake pads, brake dIscs, suspension arm, the bottom plate, leakage of oil, etc.), and the object of inspection light engine fluid level inspection, the inspection Is to preventive measures.

are generally Carried out on what part of the vehicle maintenance

Engine:? Oil, cooling liquid, spark plugs, nozzles, fuel filters, air filters, various seal (pad valve cover, cylinder head pad, cushion pan)

transmIssion: gearbox oil

brake system: brake pads, brake dIscs, brake fluid

Air conditioning system: refrigerant (refrigerant), the air filter

machine direction: direction of oil liquid

rubber parts: the engine’s feet plastic, rubber bearing suspension arms, shock absorbers rubber bearing top, front and rear axles rubber pads, tires, crankcase oil seals, gearbox front oil seal, rubber shock absorbing drive shaft (rear-wheel drive Car), wiper

some maintenance member spacing loss:

oil: general 5000 km-10 000 km (depending on engine type and grade of oil used).

fuel filter, air filter, air filter: generally replaced every 20,000 km.

coolant (antifreeze): recommended replaced every 20,000 km. Insufficient concentration of coolant Will cause the engine to boil.

The spark plug: 30000-40000 km recommended replacement. The spark plug aging Will lead to insufficient power or engine shake.

TransmIssion Oil: 50000-60000 generally replaced every km; maintenance-free life part of the transmIssion, transmIssion oil can be added on demand only. TransmIssion oil shortage Will cause the shift Is not smooth, not even shift. ATF oil has a variety of models, different types can not be mixed, before replacing Refer to the owner’s manual.

Brake fluid: Recommended 2 years or 40,000 km replacement. Is a strong brake oil of the oil-absorbent, deterioration of the water absorption of more brake fluid in the internal water vaporized during braking can affect braking performance. Common market DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluid can not be mixed, otherwIse it Will damage the brake system.

direction of oil: first replacement time of 20,000 km, after changed every 40,000 km. Different specification ATF brake fluid can not be mixed, the oil needs to see the owner’s manual to determine the type of vehicle used.

Battery: adding water type battery to be checked at each small maintenance level, battery fluid Is added, if necessary. General Battery performance Will decline in the use of two or three years, we need to replace the whole. Battery aging Will cause engine can not be started due to insufficient voltage.

As owners we need to keep in mind: The most frequent replacement of engine oil and oil filter. Every 20,000 km need to conduct a more comprehensive conservation. Every 60,000 km to conduct a major maintenance.