What are major maintenance car maintenance? I thought it was wasting money, older drivers: how much money they have to do

With the rapid development of the domestic economy, road transport has become more and more developed. Automobile has become an integral part of our lives, he meets our daily travel demand, to our lives has brought great convenience. However, you should buy a Car for hIs maintenance, an experienced junior partner knows that vehicle maintenance in stages, the first Is a small maintenance, which Is what we usually change of oil, generally every second Is the Mediator 20,000 km done once, and another one Is every 40,000 kilometers of major maintenance, and also the most expensive one, major maintenance Car maintenance are what Is necessary to do it? Thought it was wasting money, says older drivers to spend more money to do. Why exactly Is it? First, let’s look at the Car to do some major maintenance are what!

The first Is the general major maintenance, in addition to the normal oil filter and other small maintenance projects, whether 4s shop or garage, and the checks and replace the spark plugs, spark plug because there Is life, but also with long-time spark plug aging occurs and Carbon deposits, spark plug as the most critical part of the engine, if not promptly replaced, the blind use not only lead to increased fuel consumption, but also a serious lead to mIssing cylinder engine or does not work. So thIs part must be replaced regularly, but usually no matter where the replacement, and now businesses Will flicker consumers to replace the so-called platinum spark plugs. The price Is very expensive, many inexperienced owners Will spend cheated innocent. But in fact only need to replace the spark plugs and the same as the original model on it, no need to spend more money.

The second brake Is maintained, because the brakes practical for some time, there Will be more or less dust and oil into the brake system’s components , and we usually these grooves when washing gully gully Is very difficult to wash, especially in the course of brake drum, brake pads and the dust generated by the friction brakes, the brake drums are stacked in, if there Is no regular cleaning great harm, so as the most important Automotive safety brakes, regular cleaning and maintenance Is still necessary, but there are older drivers to remind the maintenance brake does not mean the replacement brake pads, and many novice owners often Will be in the local suffer.

ThirdIt Is to help oil and coolant, brake oil, some auxiliary class examination, thIs time mainly to see whether enough of these oils and color Is normal, but under normal circumstances, these things are far from reaching the limits of use, such as non-essential You need to use only the indicated dIstance and time to replace the manual.

Finally, because major maintenance check such as described above and the third, chassIs and tires each connection member, are manual inspection thIs time the owner had better re-live the best view, after all the checklIst items to break out, but the Car did not move a thing entirely Is not uncommon, still be Careful as well, a great general, major maintenance projects to do it Is part of the security Is more important, and the reason that novices Will feel spent odds do not understand small part because of the importance of the project, most of which are not familiar with the transmIssion of the dIsease and spend more money. Small partners are what you think? Welcome messages dIscussed below. We see you next time. Bye!