Very good car maintenance? Experts to tell you!

After the Car Is out of warranty, many owners have their own Car and establIshed a deep affection, but for most of the Car owners may already be familiar with the Car’s “temper”, but for vehicle maintenance repair, know very little indeed. Then, after the Car off what Paul should pay attention to what matters? Xiao Bian interviewed a maintenance expert, let him tell you!

check Notes

tires: It Is recommended to check every two weeks tire pressure, or a flat tire can not come to me one day ah.

antifreeze: Be sure to check once a year the freezing point, and, most importantly, can not replace the antifreeze with tap water.

Belts and Accessories: At least every six months or 10,000 km need to check again.

gearbox oil: It Is recommended to perform to strict accordance with the maintenance manual gearbox oil available in the market and most of the models are require periodic replacement Do not send lazy, dIstressed money, must be changed regularly, transmIssion oil common are 40,000 km, 60,000 km, 80,000 km range or even 100,000 kilometers.

Maintenance Precautions

tire: in maintenance tires, be sure to check the wear of the tread.

Antifreeze: either before each maintenance, to check the height of the liquid surface.

The spark plug: because the different grades of the spark plug replacement period Is different, so according to differences in materials, to different replacement spark plug.

important considerations

brake pads, brake dIscs: two are required to support replacement, not the replacement of a single brake dIsc or brake pads, and thIs increases the new rapid wear of the brake pads and the brake dIsc, and braking Will cause jitter, driving safety Is affected.

seal / rubber tubing / seal doors and windows: These are to be regularly checked, in particular a valve chamber pad, as well as increasing the mileage of the Car using the year, thIs Is very easy to aging and oil leakage, so be sure to check the focus.

Check the brake fluid: Most of the Car manufacturers for replacement cycle brake fluid are all very stringent requirements, more common Is 2 years or 50,000 km (from different vendors on a predetermined number of kilometers Will vary). Because brake fluid Is absorbent, if not a long time to replace, it would corrode the Car’s braking system to bring traffic hazard. In addition, due to the brake fluid after absorbing water, the boiling point Will be reduced, so that the brake pressure Is insufficient easier , affect the braking effect, so periodic replacement of brake fluid Is also crucial.

These are the experts after the vehicle off for security, how should Care made answer, I hope the owner can seriously look at, be sure to protect your Car ah!