Car Maintenance would you? After learning it, you are no longer a novice!

now technologically advanced society, people spend tens of thousands of dollars Will be able to start an ordinary Car on the road, because driving a Car Is also very convenient, walking very reliable. But if ordinary farmers often do not know the Car maintenance to the Car, it was a hassle? Next, small series to tell you a few Car maintenance methods, which are simple to operate, maintain our deep need not worry, we Will have time to tell you.

First of all, we have to change the oil. Here, I tell you Is the basic Car Care needs do change the oil, change the oil filter, air filter and engine internal cleaning and so on. Mentioned oil, we always think of its role, the most basic function Is to reduce friction, and that Is followed by a cooling effect. How the oil to reduce friction? That’s when the Car started, quickly friction between certain gear, Just then a certain oil film to reduce friction. Oil cooling Is interesting, that some heat can be generated by the engine sump back, and then the heat Is released in the atmosphere, so as to achieve the cooling effect. Generally different Cars using different oils, semi-synthetic motor oil need 7-8 months to replace just once.

Second, we need to know to change the oil filter and air filter. Oil filter Is that it gives good lubrication oil, and when the debrIs off the Car by friction in the oil, which Will deteriorate the quality of oil, oil to prevent friction effect Will be reduced. If you do not want the role of oil due to debrIs impact, which we need to filter the oil through the oil filter, so as to achieve good results. So Why have to replace the air filter? ThIs Is because there are often some of the dust in the air or small particulate matter between inadvertently fall on the engine, which prevents the original power of the engine. Avoid prolonged because of the influence of dust or small particles of matter, useless engine into a machine, one needs to filter impurities in the air with the air filter, which play a protective role.

Is the last cleaning inside the engine. Most things Will affect the power of the engine, like a Car running too long, it Will affect the efficiency of the engine; or Is there a lot of impurities in the engine, affectingEngine power, which Will cry mIsfire phenomenon. In the engine lubrication system, which Is critical, because the less friction, can increase the number of Car use, it does not affect the movement of the various parts of the engine. What engine wash it? Generally the engine dedicated cleaning agent, which may be the old oil sump clean, cleaning time Is generally about ten minutes, we see specific situation to be decided. After each Car wash, and functions are beginning to normal. When the Car traveled about 5 miles, we Will consider cleaning the inside of the engine, combined with other steps performed above a.

obtain a driver’s license over people, after a period of time to practice, most of them Will travel by Car in the road. We should not only pay attention to the appearance of the Car should be clean and generous, Is not simply Carry out washing operations, but also the most basic maintenance methods. Xiao Bian share on here, if we have different ideas, welcome to leave a message!