Car Maintenance to save money? Keeping thIs in five voice of experience, not only save money but also good special effects

For women, the Car just travel tool, for men, the general Car as another wife. However, many people just can drive, but do not know how to keep a Car. Therefore, in order to make a good man must know these little knowledge of Car maintenance.

NO.1 Oil 5000-8000 km Will be a replacement. Cooling, lubrication, cleaning and sealing these four functions are provided in the oil, it Is possible to ensure the normal operation of the engine. Working time of the engine becomes larger, internal oil subjected to high temperatures and oxidation, mechanical parts are very easy to wear, fuel vapor can be corrosive. In addition, in normal use, a certain amount of oil consumption. Therefore, we must force the oil level and oil contamination level regularly check if the oil smaller than the predetermined value, then, affect the operation of the engine of the team Is huge, and caused quite lethal to the engine.

N0.2 brake fluid every two to forty thousand kilometers or replacement. A liquid vehicle brake oil in the hydraulic brake system Is used. When the brake fluid accumulation with time, it Will deteriorate or have some precipitation. Deterioration of brake oil, brake oil, mainly because there Is a blending of water, so if the moIsture content exceeds the brake oil in a standard time, the more dangerous. If the brake fluid temperature Is too high, the brake oil in the water Will be turned to steam. The effect of impact on the Automotive brake very large. It Is also very dangerous. If once you are in danger, so we should pay attention to it.

NO.3 refueling time if filling a bottle 92 Is recommended to add fuel gas Po, if the number Is 9895 or petrol filling, add a Bao whole bottle of fuel to the tank. Role Is to help fuel treasure gasoline fuel sufficient to achieve the effect of increasing the mileage, that Is, reduce fuel consumption, while fuel treasure can also clean up engine deposits, has a secondary effect of special bar to optimize cycle to clean the entire engine. TWC cleanup agent Is filling a bottle every month Is enough, catalytic converters on the role of the engine, I think the majority of riders are to understand, right?

NO.4 air filter replaced every fifteen thousand kilometers. Air filter function Is some air into the engine cylinders fine filtering process, sand and air in some suspended particles filtered off, and to ensure that the air entering the engine and relatively clean. The ability to maintain air filter clean and unobstructed life and thIs Is closely related to the engine.

NO.5 headlamps proposed upgrade of LED lights as soon as possible. Most are halogen headlights, thIs Is the most primitive of incandescent light. Lighting principle Is actually a heated tungsten filament to achieve illuminated principle. In thIs process, nearly 80% of the energy can be converted into heat and reasonable allocation. In air, less than 20% of the energy transformed into electric energy, and the loss of charge of the battery Is relatively small. When the temperature Is too high (the temperature inside the halogen headlights assembly up to 300 ℃) Will also have an impact on the lamp cup. Over time but also to have it serviced, completely avoidable. Thus, to replace the low temperature, low power consumption, high luminance lamp as soon as possible. “Compact LED” can protect your Car and protect your travel safe.

above article Is the voice of experience to share with the majority of riders, I hope you can help, welcomed the comments area interactive message Oh, my sincere hope the majority of riders can be safely, not to drunk driving ah ~