Car Maintenance steps and precautions can not be lost

fuel vehicles Will be there with the presence of Carbon, new energy vehicles exceptions, timely maintenance to fuel Cars do effectively alleviate the degree of depreciation of the Car, prolong engine life, to dIscover and solve some of the exIsting Car Security rIsks.

So for the maintenance of the vehicle can not be ignored.

to do maintenance for the Car owners in the process, there are easy to overlook some of the details, Will be some loopholes, a lot of owners understand the details of vehicle maintenance, accident on minimal.

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Car maintenance steps

1, fill in single vehicle maintenance

regular Car maintenance shop or Car serviced first step in Auto 4S shop:

service personnel usually requiring the owner to fill out a single Car maintenance.

single Car maintenance Is the breakdown of the project should be expressly Car maintenance, maintenance technicians and vehicle owners at thIs time after confirmation, ready to do the correct series of maintenance, vehicle maintenance advance look at the company’s service content, clear services, Car maintenance Car owners in completing the single was time to do a service project components which clearly stated, not mIsleading.

2, for the Car to do maintenance

The second step Car maintenance steps of: Is to do in accordance with the level of vehicle maintenance and major project orders related maintenance, maintenance technician Will inform the owners of thIs Care about the length of time required.

If the maintenance time required Is too long, the reservation owner can pick up the Car.

3. Check

vehicle maintenance steps after the last step Is to check the owners do maintenance work Car project content and confirm the signature.

Car cleaning and maintenance

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understanding of vehicle maintenance steps later, also need to know that the Car needs attention in the process of maintenance, it should do should not be done.

choose a regular maintenance shop

Car Care products

only regular maintenance shop using strict vehicle maintenance steps, but for some informal maintenance shop Is not strictly required steps.

Car owners to do maintenance time should choose a regular maintenance shop, because the regular shops in the quality of service and charges above are relatively few to be more transparent.

additional items

at a Car maintenance step among many owners would have encountered circumstances require additional items, plus Car entry option that the owners themselves, the owner can decide whether they want to add items according to their usual habits and staff Car of the case presentation.