Car Maintenance spending too much money? 5:00 way for you to save money to do maintenance!

Many owners say the Car Is easy to buy but the latter have to spend a lot of Car maintenance, vehicle maintenance and many owners because knowledge Is not very understanding, resulting in Car maintenance shall not be treated, but also the hearts of bad things. Vehicle maintenance itself Is concerned, although some relatively tedious process, but not all are particularly strong professional maintenance project, in fact, there are some items of our own at home can do, if you go to the Car 4s shop, then Will spend a lot of money.

Recently, many owners have told me a question, consultative asked the Car 4s shop said that the maintenance of the power weakened , bigger engine noIse, fuel consumption Is also high, the Car drove not effortless! Told me that question a lot of owners think that should be related to the conservation of the engine Car 4s shop complete. In fact, thIs kind of idea Is not entirely accurate, first Car 4s shop fee Is really not cheap, usually about Car maintenance should be a few hundred dollars, if it Is a luxury Car so frequently Is a small one thousand dollars. Then the next I’ll talk about what everybody can do it at home maintenance? a, cleaning the inside of the engine, which Is a very simple operation, just before the vehicle oil change the cleaning agent to the used oil, and then after the vehicle Is idling minutes and put oil on it, as long as the maintenance cleaning material anyone can wash their own hands. Second, the cleaned vehicle rain, rainwater and the paint Is corrosive, if no secondary rain in the past two days, then we would Car washing, and also to finIsh on schedule for maintenance.

Third, the summer of Automotive air conditioning maintenance, Car air conditioning after a period of application, it Will accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, many Car owners must hear thIs wanted to get to the Car 4s shop doing maintenance, in fact, no need! Everybody just need to pour yourself some of the air cleaning solution, then wipe towels and small brush wash on the line. Fourth, the maintenance on the Car seat, Car seat due to the long driving surface covered with sweat and bacteria, if not regularly clean up Will be detrimental to health, but if go 4s shop maintenance Car seats they need to spend money, might as well do it yourself! Some owners say Car seatSome microscopic dust and debrIs chair Is very difficult to clean up, for fear of yourself difficult to clean up, thIs time in fact, everybody can use Car cleaners, Car interior cleaning at any time the seat bottom, seat new look but also make the Car corner the residue Is sucked in completely, it Is extremely easy to keep the Car clean and tidy Will have a comfortable driving environment.

Fifth, even if the Car did not need maintenance? For suspended vehicle should be checked regularly, the appearance / liquid / tire to be on schedule to view! The maintenance of tires you can buy yourself some tire maintenance wax, a Tu Tu to touch it.