Car Maintenance should pay attention to what not to do Do not try to avoid more harm than good

we now? On their vehicles Is increasing, especially in so just bought a new Car to a friend. Dongguan special maintenance Car, but then, we should think of insurance as simple. We feel like the Car would only need to wait a while to put on it. Or simply a change in their own aspects of configuration or oil on the line, actually, a lot of the necessary maintenance projects have several points? It Is the need of extra attention.

First, the burning oil

We all know that the Car engine burning oil are all more or less phenomenon Will often let us Carrying some of the oil, but then, when they are at home, many people Will not notice the mark above it. Nothing, often open for some time, we should add a little. Hand like thIs it Will lead. Burning oil situation Is more severe.

Second, the battery charge in our Car to buy a new battery time for it. Many people Will not be charged, even if it was only directly with damage to the battery, very large, if you unless there Is a particularly urgent matter, not charging. We must adopt long-dIstance charging method. New for the Car and do not need too much time in there.

Third, antifreeze

Most Automobiles are frozen with liquid, but then, some people may think the Car might be cheaper, it Will add water. Summer bar, but fortunately, the temperature Is relatively high, but we all know that winter temperatures are low, he may cause our primary passive or frozen broken, but rather have to spend a lot of money to repair it.

Fourth, waxing

waxing the Car, we should note that Never in the sun for a long time, then do next. We must find a place to cool points, otherwIse she would have to let dry, particularly fast effect Is not so good, and that Is what we should pay attention to hIs way, the right should be a straight way to cooperate, or sidewaysAlternating back and forth do not mess get so Carried out of the effect Is very poor.

Fifth, Car wash

After exposure to the sun a lot of people Will go to the Car wash. But some people would not to do so. Did not notice a Car in the sun for so long after you go to the Car wash, though she said. When it went in, the Car Is good. Out. You Will find that your mind has been blown up, because the sun, then the temperature Will be high, one person, one Will find some of the hot blast.

Sixth, the dashboard

dashboard cleaning someone say that they Will not do. If you are not particularly squeamIsh. We Will worry about so many little corner, how to split? Some places are simply out of reach, then we can use a pair of cloth in front of some of the poems screwdriver above. It Is very small, very small place, it can be stained with a toothpick wet wipes, to clean it so difficult intelligent, but she was also to avoid some of the more hard things hurt.

Seventh, Automotive fastening buttons

In fact, it Is mainly for some maintenance of the master chef has a lot of repair are faster, but if he Will not be on it? Steel House late snack so can result in some of our screw off, if some of the more special places I’m afraid we must direct wasted.

put up some small aspects of attention, Is the best way to Care for our Car.