Car Maintenance should pay attention to what Issues? Some maintenance Issues completely without

Lead: I believe that many of the drivers are very fond of their private Cars for the Car Is also very concerned about, in the event that any problems Will go inside 4s shop maintenance, especially when some of the novice just buy a Car simply put the Car seen as just as important as their families, when the problem has not yet appeared hears some of Shopping guide say where the Car needs to be replaced, they Will be replaced at any time, although a lot of Car for new Car owners are very nervous, but there are a lot of newcomers do not know really a lot of maintenance Issues are completely unnecessary, 4s shop inside some of the shopping guide Is totally want to make money for the Car itself did not have any effect.

These are very nervous about the complete novice Cars, Cars for fear there are any problems, then thIs small series to introduce in the end Is what circumstances need to replace their Auto parts and does not require maintenance. I believe that many drivers have the time to go to Auto repair shop, a lot of people Will ask to the Car wash engine, many owners are also very afraid, because seen many articles are written above, if you use the Car after a long time, there Will be an engine produce a lot of Carbon, but also has a corrosive effect, regular cleaning can prevent these Carbon deposits, can extend the life of the engine.

but in fact often wash not much benefit, even if there Is Carbon, then we only need to buy a bottle of fuel treasure Will be able to easily solve the problem, There Is no need to wash frequently to repair shop, which Is not only a waste of money, but also for the engine itself Is also a kind of damage, a process in which Cars with tire can be said to be the most susceptible to damage a part of, just bought a lot of Cars after the owners Will choose to go inside the tire broken 4s repair shop, but thIs Is a huge waste of money, in fact, go inside the tire repair shop technology it Is also quite good.

at the same time to remind the owners do not believe 4s shop inside air conditioning can be rinsed, in fact, they just put air conditioning rinse agent planted inside, things were coaxed many owners flushing, but in fact it did not, so owners do not spend the money wasted.