Car Maintenance should pay attention to what? Car Care Considerations

Recently, many friends asked me some questions about Car maintenance. For example, if your Car Is out of warranty, you Will still continue to look for maintenance repair shop out of the 4S shop maintenance? If you go to the repair shop maintenance, you should pay attention to what and so on! Here I would like to briefly talk.

It Is well known Car “third repair, seven support.” Enjoy the Automobile brought us convenience and comfort at the same time, we should also take Care of them Carefully. “If you want to run fast horse, the horse to eat something”! When your Car’s mileage and travel to a certain time, you need to do a routine maintenance and inspection. To the 4S shop or repair shops Is a problem many owners difficult choice. 4S shop Is well-known high prices (of course, the service Is also very good). Select the appropriate repair shop becomes particularly important! The following Is a Car repair shop outside maintenance should pay attention to the matter briefly.

a: repair shop of choice! Overall, I recommend choosing a number of high professional standards, product quality assurance of qualified Auto repair shop or beauty shop! While many 4S shop repair shop no less formal environment Is not particularly good, but many of them are out of the 4S shop master their craft really good!

II: Oil choice! The basic routine maintenance inspection or replacement of the engine oil including, oil filter, air filter, air filter and other components. Oil should be replaced according to the needs of the Automobile (e.g., mass Sunny semi-synthetic oil may be selected). Engine oil level Is too low or too high can lead to different degrees of engine wear! Oil change also depends on the situation. SL SM grade mineral oil Is typically within a 5000 km, SN-level semi-synthetic oil generally between 5000 to 7500 km. Fully synthetic motor oil Is generally about 10,000 km! When choosing oil, not rank as high as possible. You should choose the right engine oil according to their own models. Select high-grade oil Is also a waste!

Three: oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and selecting the air filter and replace! Their main function Is to filter oil, air and fuel impurities. Oil filter with each oil change and moreIn other words, while the air filter and air filter, according to their degree of soiling and clogging replacement. If they are not dirty, by blowing high pressure gas used continuously if they are dirty, they need to be replaced (replacement of some of the repair shop which usually directly)! Gasoline filter into outer filter and the inner filter. Generally, the outer filter replacement 10000-15000 km, whereas the inner filter needs to be replaced 40000-60000 km. When you select the filter, be sure to look at the material, not cheap low-quality Cartridges!

IV: during routine maintenance, and also inspect other parts of the vehicle (including a battery, brake fluid, oil booster, antifreeze, transmIssion oil, tire pressure, degree of wear, brake pad thickness, chassIs, suspension, etc.), to ensure the safety of the Car!

The above points are for reference only. If you have a different opinion, please leave a message, learn from each other!